Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cari Jakarta Kost!

Planning to go for a vacation in somewhere?

How about Indonesia?

Sounds great, isn't?

Or.. you are going to move to there?

Well, if you are planning to go there, I guess you need this to help you to find a room to stay. It is basically an Indonesian room classifieds website. The CariBilik Indonesia . 


More than 1000 advertisements can be found here. Click at the location that you need, type in the keyword, and then TADAA! rooms that available or related to your finding will be shown. Then it is time for you to contact the owner personally. The details are all clearly written in the advertisement as well, with attachment of pictures. you can see whether you like the place or not before you contact the owner.

If you have a room or house wanted to rent out in Indonesia, you can just post your adv here! as simple as that. I think it is easy to use and it definitely helps many people.

Wait no more, look for your desire room now :)