Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carlsberg presents Hottest Female International DJs in Ecoba!

Ecoba and Carlsberg is having the finale of the Sexy DJs tour in Malaysia last Friday night (20 May 2011) and have invited us to join them.

I am really glad that I went because it was an awesome night! With great music and nice people around, I enjoyed myself. Special thanks to Ecoba, reserved the most front area for us, I bet most of us had a great time.


With Esther, SueLynn and Cammy . I am feeling very very regret that I wore the very short heels that day T.T I look extra short when standing beside the tall girls!

Lesson of the day: wear really high heels next time :p

The party started off with DJ Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen ! She is a model cum DJ. cool isn’t ?

DJ Keli Hart! She is the highlight of the night. She made the night fun and interesting !

I like random pic:)


To whoever didn’t attend, you guys missed out the SEXY Carlsberg dancers! They are freaking hot! This girl is my favourite. Her dance moves are wild, and she just looks cute. I like her hairstyle. *tempted to go for a haircut Open-mouthed smile *

Tim, Crystal and Pietro. Crystal is the FHM girl next door. She is gorgeous rite :) and Pietro is a super good DJ!

With the hot girls from Kuching. Look at the pretty Naomi beside me ! I like her. She looks good all the time.

We had a nice time in Ecoba, meeting new people and catching up. with the beer and vodka that never finish!

photos credited to Andy :)

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love :)


  1. Wooo Im from Kuching too.. *wink wink*

  2. I think you looked awesome in every picture ;)

  3. jfook: haha i like people from Kuching!
    isaac: awww thanks :)
    henry: haha thanks arrr :)

  4. Did you drunk abit on that night? :P

  5. Next year you go participate in FHM Girl Next Door lah