Friday, May 6, 2011

Chatime - World Renowned Bubble Tea

Have you heard of Chatime? No? Yes?


Chatime, the world renowned bubble tea franchise is launching its 6th flagship outlet in The Gardens mid Valley on 28 April 2011. It was founded in year 2003 and rapidly grown into an international household brand that stretches across US,Australia,Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines,Japan and so on.

Wonder where can you get to experience the authentic slice of Taiwan's culture over a cup of tea? Now, you can get it from SS2 Mall, Times Square, Sunway Pyramid,Pavillion, The Garden Mid Valley and also Avenue Mall in Penang.

They are planning to open at least 25 more flagship within the next 2 years! I can get my cup of tea whenever I feel like drinking it already :D

Jeff Chin_Jym Chong_Amy Wong_Bryan Loo_Aric Ho_Gan Mei Yan
Jeff Chin, Jym Chong, Amy Wong, Bryan Loo, Aric Ho, Gan Mei Yan
Celebrities are here. seems like they love Chatime too , aren't they?

Mr Bryan Loo, chief Executive Officer of Chatime Malaysia
(photo credited to Jeremy)

Chatime offers more than 120 beverage products compromising of tea, coffee and fruit pumps.
Chatime_Pearl Milk Tea
my all time favourite. shall try the new flavour next time :)

talking about new flavour, do you know that Chatime has a new series of bubble tea now? That's the Mousse Tea Series. This series features 6 distinctive flavours including Black Tea mousse, tie Guanyin Tea Mousse, matcha Mousse,Jasmine Green Tea Mousse , Ichiban Roasted Tea Mousse and Chocolate Mousse. They sound really interesting right?

Chatime_Matcha Mousse
Wanted to try this Matcha Mousse. I m expecting a tinge of grassy flavour :)

What are you waiting for? Get your cup of Chatime now!

Yours truly,
image201105010010 (2)
was distracted when taking photo. but i just like this random photo:)
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  1. Sounds good. Spend you a drink some time!

  2. Chatime! Havent had the chance to get it yet though :(

  3. Never try this yet, it was always long queue and I'm lazy to stand in the waiting line..LOL.. :D

  4. wah.. sure or not so many biji of pearls... or is it just "for illustration purposes" only? :P

  5. john: haha i will remember this !
    isaac: u should try it 1 day!
    eli: ya lo always long q . but worth it la
    alvin: yes no kidding. really super a lot pearls

  6. wilee! there's a new chatime franchise in SS15. just opened few days ago. :D! just a few shops away from snowflakes :D.

  7. haha is it? nice nice. they are expanding real fast :)

  8. I had a chance to visit the newly opened Chatime in Rob Galle in the Philippines. Loved their Pearl Milk Tea! :)

  9. blooming like crazy..But there is a new bubble tea franchise called Gong Cha