Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hanger Spring Summer 2011 Launch

Sarah , Nicole , Chrystal , Stephanie , Chantelle

 Hanger,a stylish new premium fashion periodical, is produced twice a year to mark the release of the fashion industry's Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter and Holiday lines.

This time, Hanger is back with its 4th edition! Are you excited? I am!
Featuring the styles and essentials of spring summer 2011, this issue's theme is sustainability in fashion with the emphasis on fashion which does not have a negative impact on environment.

I like reading Hanger as it documents the latest kicks and collections from brands of interest, new fashion releases, brand stories, designer collaborations, limited editions, designer interviews, product spreads and also fashion shoot. I, as a reader, found that I am more fashion conscious than before.

To celebrate the launch of Hanger spring summer 2011, Catcha Publishing hosted a launch party at Ecoba on 1 May 2011.

the pretty DJs of the night : Chelle and  Joyce

As I was flipping through the latest issue of Hanger, I feel so tempted to get all the nice clothes!

this is my favourite! sexy but classy
The designer of this dress is Rico Rinaldi . He is a 24 years old Lim Kok Wing student and lecturer.
One of the 10 great Malaysian fashion designer.

Dinner in Ecoba was pretty good.

with Nicole
photo credits to Tim

Photos credited to Andy !

Grab your copy of Hanger to know the latest trend now ! It is only RM10.

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  1. Nice event, and all of you girls look so good in those pictures!

    Now I know there is Hanger. :)

  2. I didn't know there's a Mag called hanger lol btw kinkybluefairy is so cool!

  3. isaac: haha thanks:)
    hilda: yes she is! haha is a very new mag :)

  4. This seems nice, is it only available in malaysia?

  5. taley: i m not very sure about it. i guess not only in Malaysia:)

  6. Not that new. It's the 4th edition but as it only comes out during the fashion months - spring/ summer and autumn/ winter the mag is already 2 years old!