Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Love Discounts !

Show me your hand if you love discounts !

I am very sure that most of us love discounts.

 But, we have to know where to get good deal, and sometimes need to wait for certain period for the discounts. However, people nowadays (like me) prefer online shopping than walking around the malls for hours without getting any favourite things. Sometimes, I do feel frustrated.

Like me, I always feeling so regret after seeing others get really awesome deals. I always wondering, why others got such good ‘lobang’ ?! where should I get the deals without stepping out from my room? Not until I discovered I LOVE DISCOUNTS Smile


You will definitely keep WAH WOW OHMAIGAWD! when browsing all the deals. Because that’s what I did! The deals can be up to 90% discount !! Seriously, where to get such a good deal except from here?!

If you are not familiar with the deal, as an example, MARY CHIA GINGER DETOX TREATMENT.

You are not sure how’s the place, what’s the treatment included, what’s the effect, the company’s history and etc. Don’t worry. You can find your answer from here as well ! Details are all written in the page , enable the shoppers to make a clear decision before buying the deal.

The deals here varies from food, manicure, facial treatment, gym training to iphone casing. My advice is to check out the website everyday because you can find that there’re always new interesting deals that you won’t want to miss it.

What I think is brilliant in this website is this, Buy Discount as Gift
I like this idea. So now, you can send your gift to your friend just like that. Fast and easy. I guess I am going to use this a lot as I always don’t know what to choose for friend’s birthday and sometimes, hard to meet up with them. Through this system, my friend is going to receive my present on time :)

After talking so much, are you tempted to get some deal now? *wink*

What you need to do is just to register as a member, then purchase the wallet credit , and you can start shopping ! What’s more exciting is, you can earn RM10 by referring this site to a friend. as simple as that. I’m not kidding.

Me myself purchased a facial treatment from Beyond Beauty. I’m all excited to try it out ! *jumping around*
I will tell you all about my experience after I try it , alright? Wait for my post! I know you are as excited as me now ! Open-mouthed smile

Check out more awesome deals from their Facebook page or find them on Twitter !
Wait no more, check out their site and grab your favourite awesome deal now !



  1. Hehehe, i love discounts has some really cool deals ;)

  2. Too many these kinds of deal websites nowadays, lucky us! So many to choose from :P

  3. Hi, HaPpy Weekends...周末快乐

    I love discounts..too:-)
    so many groupon sites to choose ...