Friday, May 13, 2011

Ngau Kee Beef Noodles , Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin

The famous beef noodles in KL.
I tried it in the 1st week I came to KL as my friend strongly recommended it. I am not a person who fancy beef, but I still give it a try as it is so famous. I love it after trying it. I brought friends to there, so far no one dislike the beef noodles here Smile
ngau kee2
(anyone wants to sponsor me a Canon G12? Open-mouthed smile so sorry for unclear photo like this. my bad )

I got a friend who so addicted to the beef noodles here, asking me to accompany him to come here to eat nearly everyday :/ I like bringing friends to here, because I think is a good place which you can chit chat, get your food fast yet delicious, and not pricey. 

ngau kee
The price is around RM5 or 6 only for the small one. It is very reasonable for nice food like this. Strongly recommended to try them in dry. You get to taste the beef, but the taste is not too strong till people cant take it.
Anyway, the cleanliness there.. need to be improved. It is a roadside stall so dont expect too high la.
If you don’t take beef, you can always choose pork. There are pork meatballs too. I tried it , it still tastes very good !
Do you know that there’s actually a small stall beside Ngau Kee , selling porridge? There’s this aunty selling porridge there occasionally, as I only saw her once in the past 1 year. Or maybe I am just unlucky? The porridge is good wei. The taste is just nice, big portion, and it comes with the crispy thingy on it. I dont know what does it call. anyone can tell me? One of the good porridges I tried in KL, it is around RM6.
jln tong shin
It looks much nicer when it is served. I can’t wait but eat it before taking picture. Must try if you are so lucky to see that stall opens

Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan, 50200 
(Located adjacent to Jalan Alor and alongside the same street as Max! Kitchen & Restoran Muar)

Contact Number: 017-6479373
So far they never disappoint me as not opening Smile They start opening at evening time till 4am.

I love food <3
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  1. reali so nice meh ??? u nvr bring me go also 1..


  2. I know this place.. friend recommended me there too. The beef quite nice, no strong smell and very soft. Thumbs up!

  3. yeerrr I want lo~ LOL I wan porridge . . . and Ngau Mee :P

  4. I don't eat beef, so the noodles are out, the porridge can try depending on what is added inside.

  5. wow ! nice food ! Shall go try it one day . =D

  6. It looks really good and I'm a fan of beef noodles! Shall go try one day (:

  7. woa, all the food look so delicious! :d

  8. francis: next time i bring u go k?
    isaac: yes! thumbs up to ngau kee !
    kian fai: haha lets go eat 1 day
    nava.K : they got pork here also. and varieties choice of porridge :)
    jayren: yes u should!
    hilda: haha yupe yupe
    jamie, jamjam: exactly:)

  9. the crispy thing u r referring in de porridge should be fried intestine. . very yummylicious!!