Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ninja Joe Pork Burger

Have you seen this cute icon before around the shopping malls?
wonder what is it?

let me tell you.. the PORK BURGER !
yes they sell only pork burger. calling all the pork lover!
If you take pork, I think you should try this. It is quite cheap and affordable. 6 ninjas only at RM23.30. No service charge or extra tax too. There are few different prices depends on how many ninjas u buying. 1 ninja is RM5.50.
with purchasing of 1 pork burger, can add RM3.90 to get the french fries and drinks.
They are pretty efficient and quick in preparing the food.

Look at the cute ninjas! awwww
yea we ordered 6 ninjas! tried all the flavours they got there. There are spicy, oriental, original, teriyaki, black pepper and sweet & sour. I still like the original the most. The portion is not very big. Guess normal guy need eat at least 2 to make one feel full.

the happy girl with her burger
I tried it in lower ground of Mid Valley, near to the Shih Lin and Chatime. Perhaps you can give it a try next time ? Smile

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  1. hahaha they way u pose with the burger abit awkward :P funny I mean haha

  2. I had the teriyaki flavoured and I love it, tried at Tropicana City Mall (:

  3. I had the teriyaki flavour and it was superb! :D

  4. Om nom nom nom! Tak ajak again! Wahahaha

  5. kian fai: haha so funny meh. lol
    hilda: yes i like it !
    isaac: haha jom lets go eat next time

  6. ok la cute and attractive la :P

    oh well visit mine alright? hehehe