Monday, May 23, 2011

Yang Kee 营记 Beef Noodles

Lovely people, do you remember the Ngau Kee Beef Noodles which only open at night rite? In case you missed out that, you might want to read about it here!
Can’t get to try the nice beef noodles for dinner? Nevermind, here am I to introduce another nice beef noodles which only open at noon time.
Don’t you feel hungry now !

The beef meatball is soft and not much beef smell. not so bouncy anyway
The beef is tender !
Besides, the price is quite reasonable. RM5.50 for a small bowl. Girl’s portion anyway. But it still bigger than Ngau Kee one. Oh ya the soup is good ! comparing to Ngau Kee, I think the noodles here tastes better. The smell is stronger and I really like it.There's some pepper in the noodles which enhance the taste.

They sell not only beef noodles, pork noodles and others too. The business is always good. I think I wait for like only 5 to 10 min for the food. They are really fast. It is air-conditioned but is open door 1. Just feel cooling thou.
Restoran Yang Kee
Jalan Hujan Rahmat Dua, OUG, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur
(same row at Steven Corner OUG)


  1. bouncy until can play ping pong? LOL

  2. I bring you to Uncle Cheng if you like beef noodle.

  3. the mee look alike with sarawak kolo mee!!

  4. There's one near Wan Chi's house which is a relative of Song Kee Beef noodle at Lot 10 and the one near kota raya. If I'm at home. I would go to the one near Wan Chi's house. If I'm at college, I would go to the old shop near Kota Raya. RM 5.00 for a big bowl. Much cheaper than Yang Kee. YTL is oso a fan of it.

  5. owh i've been there before xD nais

  6. whaaaaooo~! sriously, im hungry!and it's just at OUG! Imma try it out!

  7. kian fai: hahaha u should try to play with it then u let me know k !
    simon : yea please!
    shiiteck: i never try sarawak mee before :(
    jon: is it? i want to know where leh. this 1 also near her house 1
    isaac: yes!
    kyril: haha ya lo. want to go there again !
    eunice: u should :)