Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hello beautiful people out there ! 

Hows your week so far? Weekend is coming.. are you ready for a pampered enjoying weekend?

If you have been busy with your work/studies, and been ages since last stepped into a spa  or beauty center to pamper yourself, i think is time for you to do so.

I read about this good deal from ILOVEDISCOUNT and I would like to share this with all of you, both ladies and gentlemen. 

I think whats best for this deal from BIZZY BODY & MASCULINE BODY TREATMENTS is: it is a 3 Treatment Sessions: Slimming Therapy + Body Contouring + Heat Blanket Treatment AND Reform Deep Tissue Heating Program AND Skin Spa Facial

what do you think? I think it sounds really awesome. 

Did you know that your weight has a large affect on your health? Being overweight makes you significantly more susceptible to certain diseases and health conditions.

So make sure to eliminate this risk, and best of all at a 97% discount!

With their 100% guarantee slimming results, Bizzy Body have become known around town as the 'Slimming Specialists' and true to style they have proudly-earned their First Assurance tagline and Super Excellent Brand award. So look no further, and come in to improve your health with Bizzy Body.

This deal offers you a stunningly steep discount to give their treatments a try. With a 3-session offer you will be treated to something different in each session, so this is most definitely a must-try! Feel free to spread your sessions out into multiple visits, or just indulge, and take all 3 sessions in one visit!
  • 1st Session
    • Slimming Therapy
      Flush out toxins and waste with lymphatic drainage by relaxing the membranes of your fat cells.
    • Beautiful Body Contouring
      Mobilize your fat cells and increase your metabolim rate.
    • Heat Blanket Treatment
      Stabilize your fat cells, and soothe and relieve tension in your body to firm up and slim down your body.

  • 2nd Session
    • A One-Part Reform Deep Tissue Heating Program
      Increase your fat metabolism, reduce stretch marks and reshape your body to improve body firmness with Reform (RF) Treatment.

  • 3rd Session
    • Skin Spa FacialIndulge your face with a skin soother facial to rehydrate and clear your pores.

Now you can buy it as low as RM38 ! the original price is RM1290. Time to scream!!!

for more info about this deal: visit the page

you can visit their site : or follow them on twitter: @ilovediscountmy

If you are wondering what is ILOVEDISCOUNT and how it works, here is a brief intro for you. 

I hope it helps. Enjoy your weekend love <3

lotsa love

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