Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hennessy Artistry @ Barroom,Ipoh !

Do you still remember how excited I was before Hennessy Artistry ?

Check out the post here 

Hennessy Artistry was held in Barroom, Ipoh on 3 June 2011.


The photographer took the photo, then straight upload it to Facebook. and if you got the VIP wristband, you can tag yourself on the spot too! cool right!

( my eyes are so small because didn’t put fake eyelashes =.= very light make up as skin condition is not that good on that day  )

On that day, we reached there around 9 plus. It is still early. But not much parking lots left. One thing not good about this venue is the parking lots. Because Barroom located among shop lots, and the road in front Barroom is closed for registration, we have a hard time finding place to park the car.

As usual, after registered ourselves with the pretty HA girls then time to enjoy ourselves !

Photo wall with Andy

At first, it was quite dull as the party haven’t start, not many people and things like that. But everything gets better when drinks served and party started!

I always wanted to make my own drinks. This time, finally, I get to make my very own Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks!

There are 4 choices - Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger, and Hennessy Citrus .

The friendly pretty girl is teaching me how much portion should I put to obtain the great taste. The Hennessy is poured about one fifth of the glass. Then it was all up to me to add my mixer.

Here am I with my very own Hennessy Berry ! I like the berry taste, what’s more is there’re some berry fresh inside ! :D

I can see that the jar which contain Berry mixer finishing very very fast. seems like everyone loves berry? I tried the ginger one too. not bad as well.

Ahhh should just drink it without any mixer :p

Well, how can I miss the performers when the highlight of this event is them ?
Before the party real starts.

Then , it starts off with..
Jerryca Misty and MC Nigel Sparks in da house! I like her music! That’s so me ! wootssss. Pretty DJ with great music which I really love it and enjoy as well. 
DJ Droolotte Tasha, a fast rising star in the local DJ industry and the winner of the first ever international DJ Awards Bedroom.

Then is Point Blanc! Ipoh mali Ipoh Ipoh mali~

After introducing the awesome performers, is time to party hard !

We are sitting in the upper floor. There’re 3 parts in Barroom. Sorry I dont know whether they got own specific name or not. Anyway, there are 2 rooms downstairs, and 1 upstairs. From upstairs, we can see what’s happening at downstairs clearly. It is not a very big place, but nice and comfy.

I was sitting with the other bloggers and friends. Then is photo taking time!

With Carol

Steph and Stephanie.

With Helenness and Steph.

Chose only a few pics if not u guys will nose bleed later. Ipoh girls freaking chio + hot !

I had fun in Hennessy Artistry Ipoh with nice people and also free flow of drinks! If there’s some finger food served, it will be better. drink with empty stomach is not good.

Awesome photos credit to awesome photographer, Andy !

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Yours truly ,
my favourite picture among all the pics Smile


  1. your last photo super nais eh!mad chiooooo<3

  2. haha thanks. i like it too. thanks to Andy :)

  3. superb photos.. and you seem to really enjoy yourself wilee. Great!

  4. isaac: cause the photographer is superb! yes i did enjoy :)
    jfook: haha thanks :)

  5. Really nice photos, I like the last one too heh You sure had fun in Ipoh Mali Ipoh Ipoh Mali :P

  6. wow! u are so pretty! hawt hawt hawt! =D

  7. Hot girls!! Hehehe... u looks great in the photos.

  8. wah now in ipoh also got such event ah? haha..

  9. thanks people :) all thanks to Andy for the awesome pics :)