Friday, June 24, 2011

Recipe of Ikea meatballs <3

This is my first time trying Ikea meatballs. People been telling me how nice is the meatballs but always didn’t get to try it. The last time I went to there, the restaurant actually closed! GRRRRR

But, this time I finally get to try it! *jumping around* so excited when I see the meatballs with fries. Looks so tempting :D

Ordered 5 meatballs. It is only RM5. definitely worth the money

the super happy girl with her meatballs. I didn’t know I look so greedy/happy/eager to eat that time.

I love their cream sauce super much! I was so surprised when I found that there’s berry jam in the plate! At first I thought it will taste weird because I cant imagine the mushroom-taste sauce mix with berry. But it turned out to be really matching. I love it so much.

I wish I can have it very often!

No.2 Jalan PJU 7/2,
Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Restaurant opening hours:
Mon - Thurs: 9am - 9.30pm
Fri - Sun, eve & on public holidays: 9am - 10.30pm
Breakfast is from 9 – 11am
Here is the recipe in case you want to try it out at home

Don't know is it the correct one. in Malaysia one should be pork free

How to make the meatballs?
250gm minced beef
250gm minced pork
1 egg
200-300ml cream and water (or milk and water)
2.5 tbsp. finely-chopped onion
50ml unsweetened rusk flour
2 cold boiled potatoes
4-5 tbsps butter, margarine or oil
Salt and pepper

Heat the onion till golden in a couple of tablespoons of lightly browned butter. Mash the potatoes and moisten the rusk flour in a little water. Mix all the ingredients until there is consistency and flavour generously with salt, white pepper and (optional) a little finely crushed allspice. Use a pair of spoons to shape the mixture into relatively large, round balls and transfer to a floured chopping board. Fry them slowly in plenty of butter.

How to make the cream sauce: 
 100ml cream
200ml beef stock
Chinese soya sauce
1 tbsp white flour
Salt, white pepper

Swirl the boiling water or beef stock in a pan. Add cream and thicken with white flour if preferred. Season well with salt and pepper. Serve the meatballs with the sauce, freshly boiled potatoes, uncooked lingonberry jam and salad. There you have the perfect Swedish meal!

This recipe was taken from IKEA’s Real Swedish Book
by the way, can everyone of you suggest me what should I do with my fringe?

  • just leave it to 1 side like now?

    or keep it long and clip it up like below?

    or change my hairline to middle 1?

    or cut it short like what I did last year ?

    I really dont know which 1 look better on me. Please dont suggest me to be bald k. your suggestion is highly appreciated :)


    1. i prefer the second one :D btw the one with bangs makes you look very young :D

    2. wahhh finally u managed to fulfil your meatball cravings ya? I prefer ur current hair actually than the one with coconut style fringe! ekekeke...

      btw, i dont think that's the accurate ikea meatball recipe, do take not there's pork in the ingredient and the meatball that ikea selling is pork free! :)

    3. I prefer second and third (: I love ikea meatballs, must have it at least once a month! :P

    4. current wan nicer. haha u finally went to makan.

    5. I have dilemma with my fringe as well :( Yay, finally you get to try to meatball, great right? :)

    6. i love the meatball too~ especially their coffee~

    7. i like the one where your hair is to one side..

      Hey, i wana eat meatballs too! I thought i saw someone blog about this, was it you? .. lol..

    8. thanks people for ur opinion. i m still in dilemma :/