Tuesday, June 28, 2011

say hi to the guest in the house

random thoughts.

woke up by a phone call. and that was a wrong number. I have big problem with my sleeping and this call definitely screwed my night.

had a hot bath and I thought it gonna help in my sleeping. I guess it really does cause I am so blur till i nearly drank my facial toner. Tell me, what's wrong with me ?

been having mood swing for few days. not pms fyi.

I know I am feeling jealous towards someone and regretted certain things that I've done. People couldnt achieve that much if I didn't help them. I sound like a bad kid rite?

that's my true feeling right now. and I am feeling even more suckier after i posted this cause people gonna think I am a bad girl.

I cant help it but feeling this way although I know I shouldn't.

jealousy oh jealousy.

and I miss my family

 I wish I could have desserts to cheer me up now

 yours truly,


  1. Get a good sleep and take care dear. You are one awesome girl :) Jealousy kills,so stay happy. Peace V.

  2. Humans are made to be jealous, its how we control it that makes the difference. Cheer up ya :)

  3. Cheer up! Luckily, you didn't drink your facial toner.

  4. hi wilee,

    well sometimes there's bad moments in life. U just need to be strong to face it. Oh yeah missing ur family is good, give them a call and let them pamper u with their words. Forget about the jealousy which can ruin ur mood. One last thing, i know u r a sweet girl but the macaroons are just too sweet for u! hahaha :P

  5. Perhaps u nearly drink something can tone your throat? Hahaha jk jk

    Do take care always!

    By >>

  6. yeeing: thanks babe:)
    shirley: next time show u :D
    isaac, kelly, henry, kianfai : thanks :)