Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Singapore-Malaysia First Aid & Home Nursing 2011

This is my favourite picture of the day. All of us were holding hands and praying.

I took the pictures from Alex's album. Thanks ar :)

Went to Singapore-Malaysia First Aid & Home Nursing 2011 last Sunday in Stadium Badminton. Finally met up with friends who didn’t meet for 2 years. My juniors from SSI, JB represented Malaysia for Category Ambulance Cadet.

was watching the competition, the uniform , and everything about st john reminds me of the old time. A lot of thoughts running through my mind.

We always pray before our training started. I still remember how 5 of us sit in a circle when we were Form 4, holding hands and started our prayer. not to forget, performing nursing and case,all the physical training.. ahhh i feel so old now

This time, I prayed for my juniors. This is so heart warming seeing everyone praying together for the same goal.

Although they didn’t make it this time, but I am really proud to see their excellent performance on that day.

They did real well, and I had no idea why they lose. Anyway this is a rare experience that not everyone get to experience it. At least they grew up and learnt a lot along the way to this stage.

I’m really proud of the boys :)