Tuesday, June 21, 2011

‘Size 0’ Celebrity Series Swiss Chocolates by JessieChantelle Chocolatier

Calling all the chocoholic out there!

We tend to say chocolate is unhealthy because the sugar level is high and high calories as well. Girls like me who love chocolate but scared of fats, has a bittersweet feeling towards chocolate. I love chocolate, it makes me feel happier. But I hate chocolate too, it makes me growing fatter and fatter ! I bet most of the girls will control the craving towards chocolate and probably drool most of the time when people are enjoying their own bar of chocolate. Am I right ?

Well, here is a good news!

Wondering what is it ? hehe

Stephinie, Sarah, Chantelle, Ashley , Michelle and I
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On 16 June 2011, JessieChantelle Chocolatier had officially launched their new range of chocolate which is “Size 0” in Le Meridien Hotel .

Miss International UK , Miss Katharine Brown who comes from Scotland is so kind to come over to support her good friend, Chantelle Chuah. As the sports ambassador in UK, Miss Katharine is going to introduce this range of health chocolate back to UK.

She is so tall and slim! *envy*

These chocolate bars specially made for “health freaks”, sugar averse individuals and sportsman so that they may enjoy premium chocolates without having to be concerned about their sugar intake.

The 62% dark chocolate for health freaks, which contain only 125 calories!
"Health Freaks" – for chocoholics who are health conscious about sugar intake.

this is the 38% milk chocolate and it is also my favourite! I can nom nom nom it without realizing I just finished the whole bar in no time. But I am not scared of the calories this time. because it is only 126 calories! girls, start screaming !
"Skinny" Chocolate bars – for chocolate lovers who are weight conscious and wish to remain slim and trim.


Do you know what is best serve with chocolate?
the answer is wine!
In this range of chocolate, they match each chocolate with different wine which can brings out the best aroma of it.


Look at the chocolatessssssssssssssssssss ! variety in size, flavour and packaging.

JessieChantelle Chocolatier aims to provide chocolate lovers with individually wrapped premium chocolates in uniquely hand-crafted packaging. Chocoholics need worry no more about the sugar content whilst enjoying the taste of world-class Premium Chocolates by JessieChantelle.

All the chocolates are in different packaging and they are so cute! I want them all!!!!

You can purchase them online! JessieChantelle provides Corporate Hamper, Door Gift, Birthday & Anniversaries, Weddings, New Born, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, Hari Raya Aidilfitri,Christmas


I love love love the door gift of the launch. It is a fine sea shell design with chocolate.

Visit their site to check out more about JessieChantelle Chocolatier :)



  1. Wah, chocolate with low calories. Is artificial sugar used?

  2. yupe can say is sugar free too. sweetener is added anyway

  3. omg NICE. life saver. I waaant !

  4. Thank you for posting this. It answered lots of questions which I had.
    épilation definitive

  5. ooooo!! Great!! got sample anot???xP Where can i get it??

  6. Is it pricey?I want to nom 2bars per day eiii ;p

  7. i just love chocolates >< can't get enough of it everyday.. hence my body size

  8. it is really delicious. not pricey. can get it from supermarket all that soon i think.