Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hair Makeover at The Met , KL

Are you frustrating with your hair which is so not obedient?

Are you thinking of changing a new hair style?

Are you wanting to try to add new hair colour?

or are you still can’t find your favourite hair salon?


If the answers for the above questions are yes yes yes and YES! , I will recommend this place for you where I recently get my hair done, The Met Kuala Lumpur .


One of the first New York inspired hair salon in central Kuala Lumpur and established since 2006. They have two teams to cater to color and cutting services because They believe in providing the best cut and color results. They use 100% Redken 5th Ave hair care and styling products.


Their strength is professional foiling work for those who love highlights because they know what type of weaves and tones to give to different hair textures.






Cutting is also our forte because 90% of their hairdressers were trained by Toni&Guy Hairdressing, a UK based salon.They are well known for giving a long lasting and low maintenance haircuts (exactly what I need as I am a lazy girl who doesn’t take care of own hair. *slap myself*)




they have Certified Professional Haircolorist certified by Redken 5th Ave, NYC.Trained to handle all color works and challenges.



They have this really comfortable and bright place which makes me willing to stay here for an afternoon.

Before I stepped into The Met, this is how I look


front. having long straight hair for quite some time edi. time for a change



side. i didn’t know my hair was that long



behind. the end part of the hair was frizzy, got some split ends too. naturally straight hair but around shoulder length part the hair was quite messy



I had a chat with Teng and she advised me to try wavy hair so that my head wont look flat. It will also give me a new look as I never try curly hair before.

I feel unsure but I trust that The Met will give me the best option, so I decided to go with their suggestion. I am glad that I made this choice because I never regret for doing so :)



Alex, the MODA 2010 Inspiring Young Redken Stylist 1st Runner up , was trimming my hair. the end part of my hair was very frizzy






Then go to wash my hair. is time to perm my hair!


Afterthat, it comes to the chemical part, perming. This part is performed by Teng, the L'Oreal Colour Trophy Malaysia 2004 Central Zone Winner


Protein was rubbed gently all over my hair as a protection to my hair.







I feel pampered when she is doing my hair. seriously. she was doing it so carefully and concentrated like an artwork.



She was so focus on my hair. Frankly speaking, I encounter various hairstylist as I went from salon to salon in KL to look for a nice one. The Met makes me feel like they are pampering my hair.



These are all the chemicals used. It was first put to break the bond of the hair, making it easy to be curled, then put the second bottle which have the almost same use as the 1st one, then time for treatment and fixing the curl.



this step is to break the bond between the hair



I had no idea about all these. What I know is it gonna to make me look nicer! WHEEEE



done. waiting for it to take the reaction.


say hi to aunty. so super many curler on my head! is kind of heavy u know=.=



wrap my head with it so that the reaction would be more effective? anyway i look super aunty=.=




taking out all the curler on my head. look at my curly curly hair :D



washed all the chemical away. put hair mask to nourish my hair. Chemical will cause the quality of our hair to drop, that’s why we need good hair care to protect our hair from damaging.


Hair is ready. I cant wait to see my new hairstyle! this feeling is rather complicated. I was feeling scared but excited, worried but eager.




Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng.



Applying hair gel/mousse that set the curl. This is the first time I do this and I still think that it is really troublesome to apply all this thing.



After applying products that set the curl, Alex helped me to blow the hair. I can choose to dry it naturally but I think the curl wont be that nice.


At this point of time, I was so nervous and eager to see how I look like in new hairstyle. I just feel like jump out and look into the mirror. But luckily I controlled myself. hahaha


First time looking at myself in this style! Totally amazed by their work! I cant stop smiling from then on. Cause I think they made my hair really nice and I like it



Alex was showing my back side of hair. I really love it! I used to think that my hair very flat, but now, because it is wavy, it looks volumized ! Need not to scared of flat head anymore

It roughly takes about 2 to 3 hours  for a hairdo. including perm and cut


What do you think with this hairstyle? feel free to drop me a comment. I would like to hear from everyone of you

the perm is RM380 and the haircut by Alex is RM90

Haircut RM 70 by Style Expert
RM 90 by Senior Style Expert
RM 160 by Director

Address: 9,Ground Floor,President House,Park Royal Hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail,50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21481111
Operating Hours : 11 am - 8 pm Mon to fri
11 am - 7 pm Sundays

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The Met KL is asking you to worship your hair.






  1. Nice hairdo! I like the wave of your hairrrr ^^

  2. how much does it cost you :) ?? i am thinking of changing my hairstyle too cos it's way tooooo long and hard to manage.

  3. You're looking smoking hot there! Love your curls, not too heavy or too much. Just nice and it suits you (:

  4. nicely done wilee... worship your hair? LOL

  5. do they doing hair weaving also... coz im luking 4 it