Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hypercool 5mil Security Window Film Tinting

I always think that if I ever have a car next time, I will tint it really black till people cant see me from outside. muahahaha #daydreaming

Anyway Malaysia have such a hot weather, I am sure sometimes you are feeling so reluctant to drive as the car is so hot like an oven. The best optimum solution to all these heat problems for your car is HyperCool's Security Window Film Tinting.


  • Tint colour available: Black or Titan Gold
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • FREE professional installation
  • Redemption is applicable for tinting the whole car
  • JPJ Compliant

Tint Information:

  1. Windscreen (Front)
    Visible light trasmitter (VLT): 60%
    Ultra Violet Rejection (UVR): 99%
    Infra Red Rejection (IRR): 55%
  2. Other window screens:
    Visible light trasmitter (VLT): 45%
    Ultra Violet Reject (UVR): 99%
    Infra Red Reject (IRR): 75%


Now, you can get 79% Off which is RM268 for this HyperCool 5mil Security Window Film Tinting (Warranty 5 Years) / JPJ COMPLIANT + Free Professional Installation instead of RM1300! This great deal brought to u by I LOVE DISCOUNTS  . You can follow them in Twitter : @ilovediscountmy or ‘like’ their Facebook to get the latest updates.


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  1. my car tinted 3 layers.. lol itchy hands. Nice sharing btw

  2. Cool discount :). My car is tinted 80% actually, if a cop stops me, they are gonna fine.

  3. hahah my car . . . I dunno le :P coz I think me not car lover . . . but will try my best kiss my car :)

  4. pretty cheap.. but the location quite far! :)