Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kissaten , Lot 10

Its dinner time! Have you taken your dinner ?

I think about food around this time so I shall take a break from the endless report+revision. A pretty short update here but I hope all of you have a good meal tonight k?

Have you tried the food court in Lot 10? I tried few times there and I think the food there are really good. a bit pricey than the usual food court but the quality is there.

Went to try the Kissaten as I never try their food before.

Do you know that Kissaten has the award winning top 25 best burger title ?

my 1st kissaten burger . yes it is that BIG

My chicken burger. RAWR

beef burger. I should have order this! I like this better than my chicken burger.

The burger is so big till I dont know how should I start it.

Look at how I cut it. definitely need some kind soul to teach me the proper way.

I get really annoyed as I cant cut it nicely. It is too big! Soon later the burger collapsed –.- #failkid

Anyway I enjoy eating the burger here. There are always so many people whenever I come to here. It is about RM 8 per burger. I find the price quite reasonable for its size and quality. I had it for lunch and was so full even till dinner time .

Btw anyone wants to buy a brand new Sony Cyber Shot J-10 Compact? Shiiteck is selling, so take a look if you are interested k? :)

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photos taken using Canon S95 Compact



  1. It has never been easy to eat such big burger, unless we don't care of our image in public....By the way, I used to separate them pic by pic.....I know it is still not the good way.

  2. besarnya burger itu.. no wonder you're so full! Lol!

  3. I teach u , just open wide and nom nom nom nom

  4. oh actually u can request them to cut the burger into 4 so u dont need to cut it urself. anyway it's really a nice burger to have. LOL-ed at the picture u put the fork into ur mouth! hahaha

  5. anonymous: ya la! look so ugly when eating it
    isaac: memang besar!
    spec: eeee very ugly mah
    henry: wah i din know can request. thanks for telling. and yea, i din realize i did that until i see the picture=.=

  6. LOL so cute la . . . the fork at your mouth . . . Well how long u finish this? :P