Tuesday, July 5, 2011

‘Where’s the Party’ Secret Location Party by Carlsberg : Beginning of the Journey


Hey. Where’s The Party?

Where's The Party 2

Remember my previous post which was a sneak peek for this event? I can see everyone can’t wait to know more about it :D

Have you ever attend party that you don’t know the location? Never rite.

Carlsberg threw their most exciting party ever on 26 and 27 June. Location? Secret.

This exclusive by-invitation only party guanrantees to give everyone the best party experience. I never ever attend party which is so secretive and exclusive before. I was like, wth is this when I saw the promotion advert. I was curious and tempted to go. I seriously had no idea where is it even when I was sitting in the bus.

I was all excited when I reach the meeting place , which is Bukit Jalil.

I get a shock when I saw so many buses. I wonder how many person exactly were attending this party. Every bus got the ‘Where’s The Party’ stickers. haha I dont know why but i think is quite cool that they even think of making this on the bus.

 Look at the long queue! everyone is waiting for registration.
One of the best thing in this event was, the crews are nearly all pretty girls and good looking guys!

There’s ice breaking session. The host,Chunky Munky is funny ! at least we get to know each other more. I cant remember everyone’s name :/ #failkid

the journey was about 2 hours. I was wondering where exactly is the place. I can see that the bus suddenly turn here and there and we ended up in some village. quite scary u know ! cause i didnt know where will I be !

and tadaaaa! here we are!
found the party!!! guess where is it?

It was in Sepang Gold Coast. my first time came to here, and I fell in love with this place at the first sight!

the weather  was so nice for outdoor activities!

blue sky, soft breeze, nice scenery. I knew it is gonna be a great getaway

I feel super VIP when walking in. Emcees were welcoming us with words, while the crews were welcoming us with cheers and claps.

This is what I saw when I am about to enter. So many crews standing here to welcome us. I felt kind of shy when walking in btw. hahaha. so many people are looking at us.

If you think cheers,claps, and emcee were not happening enough, there were also drums. hahaha feel so celeb

Press Conference. All of us get distracted when the 6 pretty DJs from various countries came in when the MD was talking. hahaha

This party is organized for the consumers following Carlsberg’s recent global relaunch. 

‘This party best represents who we are as a brand. Always keeping up with times and on the look out for ways of improving as well as reaching out to all consumers,giving them a feel of what it takes to be like Carlsberg,’ say Soren Rovn,Managing Director of Carlsberg MY.  

Tim Chew from MHBs was asking question regarding to the event 

With the ever lovely MHBs and 6 pretty DJs

Then we check in to our room. Do you want to see how nice is the room? I WAHHHHHHHHHH when I saw the room. hehe

More to come. Stay tune!

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Photos credit to Andy and Carlsberg




  1. looking forward to see more posts of this awesome event!

  2. So where's the party? Hahahaha... kidding! :P
    Who doesn't like it when babes, party & booze are involved! :D The crews looked awesome!