Saturday, August 13, 2011

Freedom 360 : Voice Your Choice @ Malacca

Freedom is in Malacca ! It was held on 15 July in Pure Bar . I was excited for the party not only because this is the 1st time I party in Malacca,but is cause of the music of the night is voted by the public, and I was wondering what kind of music will it be.


Greeted by the pretty usher as we were just arrived.



Registration  booth babes.


Photo wall with Yumiko and Mike ! photo wall is always my favourite part in events #dontaskwhy


Music is a very important element in all kinds of events especially party. Don’t you think so? I am so glad that the DJs of the night are awesome.

There are 3 local DJs and 1 from US. As there are 2 floors, each floor have 2 DJs.

The local ones are :


Imma *bleep*youup



A-rox !



DJ Blink


DJ Ikon from US



Look at the 2 screen at the both sides. This thing is amazing and I love it so much! Although it is repeating but I can just keep stare at it. The image is shot to the screen. There are girls and guys dancing. High tech rite! Thumbs up to Freedom


Arrived there quite early. Kinda boring at the beginning so we just drank and chatted with the others


Mike and lovely Angel.

Another thumbs up to Freedom was you can send in messages, then it will be shown on the wall. Pretty cool rite


warming up…


Crowd in upstairs


As time is getting late, the crowd went higher and higher!


Party party party !



See how DJ Blink made the crowd gone crazy !



Oh yea freeflow of Carlsberg


We had a fun night. Hope to see you in Freedom next time ! :D




Don’t you miss my long straight hair ? I miss it very much .

I feel so determined to go to gym after looking at own pictures.

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