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Keith Kee Couture’s 10th Anniversary Fashion Gala

Firstly, I would like to say…



On 7 July 2011, Keith Kee Couture hosted a grand celebration at Renaissance Hotel,Kuala Lumpur. After reading the sneak peak of this fashion gala, aren’t you excited for the full post?

Note : This post gonna be full with pictures


The fashion gala was hosted by 2 beautiful celebrities, Belinda Chee and Chris Tong. And OMG, Belinda Chee looks so gorgeous although she is pregnant ! Congratulations btw :)


The photographers/videographers were all ready right in front of the seventy feet long runway before the show started



The normal usual fashion show usually use recorded music right? But, this time, they had invited various celebrities to play including Soo Wincci, Dennis Lau, Shawn Lee and Lee Ann. I especially love the part where Shawn Lee beatboxing and Dennis Lau was playing violin. They performed so well! So proud of them as Malaysian.



This is also the first time I see a baby on the runway!

Hottest mummy Amber Chia walked on the runway with her baby Ashton Wong. He is so adorable! Never cry and behave well throughout the show.



THIS IS MY FAVOURITE GOWN OF THE NIGHT. Like seriously. The moment she walked out, I cant take my eyes off the gown. I have been keep talking about how much I love this dress the whole night. The 2 tones, the design, the colour… I wish to have this gown. Can I book this gown now for my dont-know-when-wedding in future?

This is one of the Batik Collection. Keith Kee went all the way to Kelantan to learn this art and produce all the wonderful Batik pieces. Batik can be this pretty!

Talking about wedding, Keith Kee has some unique design for wedding suit and gown.


Every girl has their own dream wedding gown. I think I found mine.


This is gorgeous! Imagine myself wearing this.. awwww


This is our Catwalk Guru, Benjamin Toong in super high heels and ten feet long tail !


His catwalk is so signature and I love it. Even myself as a girl cant walk so well in such a high heels!


sooooooooooooo looooooooooooong



She is my favourite female model in Malaysia. I love her smile, her posture, her face and so on. Basically everything physical. Her name is Esther Tan. The first time I see her is in Sa Sa Colors & Fragrance Fair & Awards 2010 , and afterthat everytime i see her makes me like her even more.

10 different concepts of collection : Cocktail dresses, Cheongsams, the ‘Recycle’ Collection , Chiffon and lace pieces , the ‘Transformation’ collection, fashion gown , earth tone pieces , Batik collection , avant-garde designs , Men suit collection


This is the transformation collection. The models transform on the stage wootssss

Below are some of the collections




287975_220689617977513_123911204322022_579959_1616066_o 287024_220687784644363_123911204322022_579922_5801899_o



All so pretty!!! I know right!!!




Me with Keith Kee !



** A guy proposed to his gf after the fashion show. awwww <3



Models after the show in Keith Kee Couture various collection.


so cute :3 Levy Li is really pretty. I like her hair !

Keith Kee Couture has been selected for Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast Asia finals and miss Chinese Cosmos International finals! Keith Kee will be introducing the new batik cheongsam collection. Congratulations!



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