Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rak Thai, The Gardens

If you are thinking of what to eat in Gardens, I will recommend this place rather than fast food. Food is good, friendly waitress, dont need to wait long for food as well.

They sell various kinds of Thai products there. instant noodles, chilli sauce and so on.


Tom yum squid in coconut RM 16.50

I love the soup. not too spicy. The fragrance will stay in the mouth for quite some time. I cant stop drinking this. and and the SQUID. so chewable and fresh.



Hair colour sucks big time now. Curl all gone. I see exactly why I need another haircut now.



pineapple fried rice Rm 12.90

The usual pineapple fried rice. but it just tastes so good. The aroma keeps tempt me to eat it ALL.


water chestnut nangka desert 4.90

dont really like this cause I dont like nangka. but the red colour chestnut thingy very crunchy, so nice to chew.


RAK THAI at LG 232A, The garden

It is easy to allocate. If you coming down from The Gardens escalator, walk straight and Rak Thai will be on your left.




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  1. nyum nyum nyum! tom yam squid ah... looks interesting :)

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey

  2. been there a couple of times, and I would say the food is nice! :)