Monday, August 8, 2011

Sarawak Laksa @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar

Do you like Sarawak Laksa?


Heard that this stall sells the laksa which have the most similar taste to the authentic Sarawak laksa, so I went to try it.

It is located in a coffee shop in Bangsar


Was waiting for my laksa. HUNGRINESS



I was thinking, when will be my turn ?! I went at lunch time, so is acceptable that need to wait for some time. Not too long anyway. It definitely worth the time waiting for it



The soup is a little bit spicy but not too much, matched with the meehoon, fried egg slices, prawn and the crunchy beansprouts, PERFECT. The taste is just nice which made me can’t stop eating it. I even finish drinking the soup. This laksa won’t make you WOW but is something that I crave for it all the time. It is RM5 for small, RM6 for big.



So I had my nice Sarawak Laksa happily before heading to The Met for the haircut. The portion is quite big for a girl. I ordered the small one btw. Took me quite some time to finish it.



Kedai Makanan Nan Chuan (Corner Shop)
2-4 Lorong Ara Kiri 2,
Lucky Garden, Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur
Open from morning till about 3pm ++
Closed every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.




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  1. the way u waiting for food is waiting for . . . . oh well :) your tasty meal hahaha

    I dunno how is the taste of sarawak laksa . . . maybe is slightly different with other normal laksa? haha

  2. yeap the Sarawak laksa here quite nice but I haven't eaten it in Sarawak so can't compare whether it's near the taste or not lol.

  3. is it me, or are your eyes so much bigger now :)

    Nice assam laksa btw ;)

  4. isaac: make up la. lol
    simon: haha ya lo me too
    kianfai: like how ar? lol

  5. LIKE LIKE!! I WANT!!!! I have not tried this one before//

  6. Ya.. they serve original Sarawak Laksa..

  7. Like waiting for your prince la LOL :P

  8. Wonder if the aunty is from sarawak :P OMG I can now haz sarawak laksa in KL!! Gonna drag the boyf along to try out :D thanks for sharing.

  9. i agree with Kian Fai's comment :P

  10. naomi: MUST TRY!!!
    nikel: very nice rite :)
    kianfai, ken: wait for prince is not like this 1 la. lol
    hilda: haha i think so. welcome :)

  11. Aiks~ u looks very fierce in the photo while waiting for the food. Hahaha!! But then the last photo says all, U'RE PRETTY!!

    Wow, what a big bowl!! Small one eh?? >,<

  12. looks delicious but rm5 for a small bowl is slightly more expensive than average hawker stall food. If it's really good then i dont mind paying rm6 for a big bowl :)

  13. Yay! Laksa lover *high five*

    The price is quite expensive. Over here in Kuching RM5 is the price for big and special bowl =)

    Do drop by Kuching and try the authentic one =P

  14. I love the photography! :P Sorry, I was paying attention to the pro-ness of the photography! :O x