Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soo Kee Restaurant 大树头苏记炒粉

Finally got the chance to try the famous Soo Kee Restaurant where many Hong Kong artists and rich people came to dine in.

It was a weekday night but there are quite many people here. I thought I have to wait for the food for quite some time but who knows I was so wrong.


There are 3 experienced chef cooking outside, making sure our order will be ready in the shortest time but quality guaranteed.


A rather big space so you wont feel so hot and cramp although all tables are occupied.

Waited for a short time only, then I’m surprised to see the food is here already. Thumbs up to their efficiency

So lets try the food. Awww look at all these. They look so yummy and I dont care about my diet for a day. I just want to eat all I want!


The famous Beef Hor Fun

It doesn’t disappoint me. The spring onion matches well with the kuey teow and the sauce. The beef is tender and really a lot. What I like about this dish is it is not salty and everything is just nice. Plus with the green chilli, YUMMY~ My taste buds were so happy that night. Need not to say more, I just can’t stop eating this!





Paper Chicken

Thumbs up to this! If you know me well, you will know that I used to not eating meat at all and for now, I only eat a little bit as I don’t like the taste. But surprisingly, I like this! The marinated chicken is wrapped with paper and then it is deeply fried. It smells so good and tempting.The taste is similar to one kind of snacks that we ate when we were young, the blue or orange colour packaging of Meow Meow. If you can’t imagine how it tastes, you gotta try the juicy yummy sweet tender chicken yourselves! Remember not to eat the paper ya





The chef is cooking the famous Sang Har Mee. So gonna try their Sang Har Mee next time! Saw many people ordered it. the prawns are huge. It is one of their signature dishes.


Soo Kee Restaurant
14, Medan Imbi
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: (603)2148 1324

Closed on Mondays, 12noon-3pm; 5.30pm-1am




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  1. <3 been having supper/dinner over there since birth LOL

  2. Tempting!! Food looks good eh~ ><

  3. how can you be dieting?? you're already so fit!

    Nice food you have there. XD

  4. The beef hor fun is so tempting *drooling* how's the price?

  5. hilda: 1 person about 20 plus for this meal :)

  6. wuuu~~~~~ You still got long way to be fat more la! hehehe!

  7. Foooodddd! I tho u dowan eat To much food