Friday, September 9, 2011

19th :)


A few hours later I am turning one year older. Again, this time I am not home but in KL. Feeling kind of weird that I didn’t spend my birthday with my family in JB again but what to do. It is not a big deal , well I just miss my family.

Birthday always not a big issue in my life. Turning older each year scare me off. I refuse to imagine myself celebrating my 50th or 60 or even 70th birthday.

In fact, I had my birthday celebration before my birthday when I were with my friends and family. Really appreciate their thoughts and also lovely presents from them. I feel so loved <3 Especially I got my favourite Zara heels! At first I thought no more stock and I get so upset cause didn’t buy it when I saw it. Who knows someone I love actually go and look for it and get it for me! That’s really heart-warming <3 After my birthday I showcase them k. hahaha


For this year ahead, I wish I can control my temper better. I get angry and upset easily, which is bad. Sometimes I just fail to control myself. As I grow older, I guess is really time to get rid off this bad character. One good thing about myself is I forgive people easily too. Just because I love them, and I still want them in my life.

Besides, I wish I can score well in my exams. Not to disappoint my parents and people who love me.

Birthday, is a day for me to think back what I have done in the past 1 year and reflect myself to be a better one in the next 1 year. Be grateful that I am here, alive and healthy.

Last but not least, CHEERS PEOPLE! :)


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  1. HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY Wilee !! =o)

  2. good luck for your exams, and happy birthday.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)) You look gorgeous girl !

  4. Happy birthday to u! :) I have bad temper too but yes i guess my temper getting better dy after years past. >.< maybe its because no more study pressure!! hahaha

  5. stay birthday to you and stay sweet

  6. thank you everyone! you all are lovely :)