Friday, September 16, 2011

How short sem kills me slowly




Short semester is definitely driving me crazy!

I am now in second week of sem, and I am having my final exam in 1 month time WTH!!!!!

Lab reports, assignments, quizzes and midterms are driving me crazy !

Everything seems too rush. I barely breathe

I am so scared that I cant do well in this sem.

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Good luck to myself. I am going to continue my lab report now

Please Miss Me.




  1. today is the 8th day since i started my class, already i have TONNES of work!
    gosh... ur sem is finishing in 2 mths while mine is in 5! =/
    Everyday i'm stepping closer to insanity...

  2. Hope you are able to find comfort in the fact that you are not the only one suffering "at the hands" of short sem. As far as I know, Wan Chi is also going through the same ordeal. All the best.

  3. best of luck and i'll miss u! =P