Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hugo Boss Just Difference Fragrance Launch

Went over to Rootz, Lot 10 on 22 September for Hugo Boss Just Different Fragrance Launch. This post is so simple till I felt guilty BUT you must read it till the end because there’re surprise waiting for you all especially girls HAHAHA


Diva hairband, Zara dress, Longchamp bag and Vincci heels -_-


The bottle is military style. Quite special right



masked men outside the washroom wtf why so cool HAHAHA




Julia. So slim and pretty

Josiah and Julia were the emcee of the night


Good dance performance by the guys. Champion of some dance competition



Then, there were a few pretty tall slim girls with masked men came out to showcase the new perfume, Just Different. This is my lenglui friend ,Kelly.

There’s a game session. 5 participants gotta copy the macho man’s kung fu move and add in some dance elements.


So macho can die



haha look at Sam. how awesome



Oh Hi :)



Prepare to scream girls





O.O !!!



why he so hawt!!!



Quickly took a picture before he wore back the shirt



another hawt one

Go to gym, guys!!!!

After this its just some socializing session and of course took lotsa photos. Inside Rootz is so cold! Even guys were saying it was cold, not to say we girls T.T

This post is very incomplete, lack of details as I don’t have the press kit.Pardon me D: Purely sharing the hawt guys with you all :p

Make up of the day was terrible, went over to Clinique to do the make up and I was disappointed.



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  1. lol. why do girls like muscular guy la. lol
    work out to be muscular is harder than girl keeping fit u know. =X

  2. arent those guys like warriors of China from the Voltage fight ? ? ?

  3. elwyn: I wanted to go to the voltage fight! they are the china warriors of voltage fight la...
    toninkush: haha not so. nice to see but a bit too muscular edi. i dont want too much 1 HAHA

  4. awesome stuff =D the dance crew name is elecoldxhot =)

  5. Great post. Thanks for the advice for the rest of us food bloggers! Agent Provocateur