Sunday, September 25, 2011

Laura Mercier : Products & Makeover


What if our world was only black & white? I think I will stop using cosmetics. hahaha

I am actually a lazy girl who don’t love to do make up. It takes time and energy. How about you? But well, nowadays most of the girls can’t live without cosmetics and skincare products. We want to look pretty and awesome everyday. We have too much choices but don’t know which one suit us the best.

Heard of Laura Mercier? I introduced the Laura Mercier Portofino Collection  few months ago. And I had tried few of them.


Base for eyes. a small drop is enough for each eye. Many girls (including me) don’t use eye base before putting eye shadow. But I found that the colour looks better if I put the base. The base makes the eye shadow colour more outstanding. As we know, our skin is more to yellow. Hence, the colour that we put on our skin will be different with what we see.



Cake eyeliner – Eggplant. ok I had no idea why is it called eggplant… maybe because of the colour ?

But this eyeliner is not bad although I prefer the normal gel eyeliner. It is best use with the starter to make the colour last longer. I dont like to use cause have to use brush to draw, and I suck in this =.=



Eye colour duo – Violet. One of my favourite colour. Creating a gorgeous, elegant yet mystery look.



The lipstick. Plum colour as well. Giving a more mature look. I like this because when it applied on your lips, it has a minty feel! And the fragrance is so fresh but addictive. People will get tempted to kiss you HAHA just kidding


Never really try any of the skincare products… only their day cream


Flawless skin day cream with spf 15

This is surprisingly good for my skin. Feel hydrated after applying it for at least 8 hours. But I don’t recommend this for girls who have oily skin or combination oily skin.


Thanks to Laura Mercier, I get to do a makeover by them. I went over to The Gardens before heading to Brotzeit for OktoberFest launch. A little bit late than appointment time, the make up artist, Samson Chan was waiting for me.


The make up artist, Samson Chan. He is professional. Ask about the event I am going to attend, skin condition and etc before he started to do the make up so that he can give me the most suitable look for that day.



Finishing… Samson created a smoky eyes look. The eye shadow he used is the latest autumn collection of Laura Mercier – Plum.


I LOVE the lip colour he mixed for me. He mixed 2 colour to create the colour that best match my skin tone.



Tadaaa! I think Samson did a good job. I love this look <3


Head over to the nearest Laura Mercier or their website to check out their products :)




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