Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ

Firstly, is September now! Happy September everyone ! Getting so excited cause it is my month oh yay :D

Came to this famous place to try the Thai food for dinner after Miss Universe Malaysia Press Conference. The owners are from Thailand. That explains why is the food taste so good and authentic. Reached there about 6 plus. There are parking lots at the side so actually parking wont be a problem. not sure if too many people come will it be enough btw.

Just that the road to this place is kinda weird and hidden. Not so easy to find. Gotta rely on GPS. But well, its all worth it after u try the food.


We were been served fast after sat down. It looks like any other normal opened air restaurant. can see a lot of people came here to eat although is quite early and is a week day. What I don’t like is people smoke here as it is open air. But well, I wont mind as long as the food is good.

At first I thought I gonna wait for quite some time cause there’re quite many people there. But, surprisingly, I wait for a while only. Food has been served real fast.


Kangkung belacan.RM 8/9

yay this is nice too if you take belacan. Some restaurant will make it too salty, but not this. A lil bit of spiciness enhance the taste of kangkung.


Fried rice. RM8/9

The rice so so only. Better try something else next time. I am expecting something tastier.



Som Tam  RM8/9

Cant stop eating ! It is so crunchy and nice to chew. A bit sour but sweet and smell good. Should order this as appetizer. The peanuts and the dried squid on top definitely make the whole dish taste even better.



Double thumbs up for this!


Tom Yam Seafood  RM10


There’re prawns, sotong, tomatoes and so on inside. very very nice. Even now when I look back all these pictures, it makes me feel hungry again! The aroma can kill youuuuuu. I was trying hard to control myself not to eat it before taking photos. It looks tempting right. I tell you, the smell is really tempting. Feel like it is calling you : ‘ eat me eat me eat me~ ’ It is spicy btw



The greedy fat ass gonna start eating now. muahaha. Had a bloated dinner. Will come here again to try other dishes!


Address: Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1, Taman Cahaya, Ampang, Malaysia

GPS: 3.142669, 101.754727

From KL and along Jalan Ampang, turn right at the traffic light after Ampang Point towards Kg Pandan. The stall is 1km down on the left near a block of flats.

For reservation: 0342511807, 0192611345, 0122738069

Business Hours: 6.00pm till 11.00pm (Closed On Mondays)




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  1. I love thai food! The tomyam looks very spicy to me. Love the second last photo of you, so pretty! :D

  2. wa som tam is something like Kerabu right? hehe I like sour food hehe

  3. mmmm. so much nice food for 2 ppl. Share with me ma!! :P