Sunday, October 23, 2011

If I'm sick enough to think it, then I'm sick enough to say it.



Been busy with studies, and YES! I had finished my sem 2 final exam, and now having my 2 months sem break. awww sweet <3

That means I got more time to blog and enjoy my life, at the same time can catch up with friends who I didn’t get to meet cause of this hectic short sem. Don’t hate me because I can’t hang out with you guys D: I promise I will spend some good time with friends and also family. 

Am heading back to home after 2 months. Short sem is so hectic that I didn’t even realize 2 months had just passed in a blink. But what it did to me is making me sick and look even awful. Skin condition is bad as I didn’t get enough sleep. Friends always say I look tired. And right after exam, I got fever, cough, flu and throat infection. Not to forget back ache after Red Bull Monkey Run.

aww did i mention that i went to Penang 1 day after my final? It was a 3 days 2 night trip with the bloggers for Red Bull Monkey Run. I was half dead before went to there. Feeling so sick. Anyway,  aren’t you curious about it ? I did when I first heard that. I was like huh? Red Bull? monkey? RUN?!

Stay tune for more updates :)


p/s Can anyone just tell me when you have flu, and you hardly can breathe, what do you do to make the nose not blocked? seriously i need some advices. I felt so awful the whole day D:


  1. I'll go to the doctor and ask for some medicine for the blocked nose or you go to pharmacy to get the salt fluid for nose cleaning.

  2. Happy holidays :)

    Flu, the best cure is to get more sleep, lots and lots of it.

  3. The photo of yours on header makes you looks like a barbie doll. Pretty :D

    Mostly if I sick, I drink lots of water and sleep. Take care :D

    Feel free to visit my blog :D

  4. if my nose is blocked and there's nothing i could do.. i'll just breath with my mouth :)

  5. Sleep early and lots of it, lots of water, Vitamin C, and rest well. Like I always advice you girl. Take Clarinace ( non sleepy ) in the day or take Claritane ( sleepy wan ) if you are at home and can sleep the whole day. But best medicine is enof sleep and lots of water.

    Hugs. Get well soon. XOXO !

  6. When you have a flu and blocked nose, try going for a walk under the sun in the morning. I find that it helps.

  7. Is time to update babe!! Hahahaha..
    Btw, nice header!! ^^

  8. Nice new header (: Happy holidays btw,rest well!

  9. Thanks for all your concern people! <3