Sunday, October 16, 2011

A lil bit of frustration

Can't help it but to say this. 

Sometimes it is really sad to know that people recognize you as someone's +1. 

Sometimes I just too lazy to explain everything again and again to everyone.

Sometimes I just trying to ignore all these teasing and asking.

I know some changes have to be made, but it is not easy. 

I really don't like people to talk about things that they don't even clear about it.

If you think you know what am I talking, then yes, that's the thing I am talking about.

Rumors are really scary and destructive. at least to me.

 It made me feel like quitting everything.

Because that is not true. It is not what you thought. 

Maybe you will say it is all my own problem, well, it became my problem once you started to think that way and spread it around. 

Oh well. 



  1. yeah rumours are bad but if we can control it then the world would be a better place... too bad that's not gonna happen so just ignore all that and do whatever your are happy in doing :)

  2. Some times people tease in jest and don't know the real problem. Just be up front about it. If they are friends they would sympatize. If not then your sudden honesty should stun them long enough for you to say bye and walk away.

  3. Just ignore them and live your life. They're just jealous of what you have (: Cheer up!

  4. dont let the rumors tear u down. cheer up! =D

  5. cheer up girl. We're always here for you.. the good guys . hehe

  6. I am still learning how to ignore all the rumors D: