Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest @ 1 Utama


Its Oktoberfest again!

Have you read my posts on Oktoberfest in Brotzeit , Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest in BTS Hotel and What is Oktoberfest ?

If you are still wondering or want to know more about it, you gotta check out Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest Facebook Page .


I went to Oktoberfest again. This time it was in 1 Utama new wing open air carpark.

Well, I know some of you has been waiting for this post…

Because I tweeted that I will be wearing the German traditional costume as the lady wearing in the poster above…

WHAT?! You didn’t know about it? Hmmm… It means that you are not following me on Twitter D:

Its ok! You can still do it now. It is not too late. Tweet me at @wilee_t :D

So, are you ready to see me wearing the pretty costume? Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng


TADAAA!!! Naomi and I in our German costume with a big mug of beer ! We were trying to get the long white socks in 1 Utama but couldn’t find. Oh look at the little devil ears on Naomi’s head. It belongs to Sam . So cute hor 

So.. How is it! I feel so shy when I just changed and walked towards the venue. Everyone was looking at us. Seems like we were from outer space. And and the last time I tied 2 pony tails was at least… 10 years ago? *nostalgic*


In case you are wondering how much is the beer during Oktoberfest. Here you go. I think it is really worth it. Especially that you can bring the big big mug home. You can have your own Oktoberfest at home. Teehee


Besides beer, you can play game. See how powerful you are. When I wanted to play, it was closed D: I want to show how powerful am I WAHAHAHA

Even if you missed the game to show how powerful are you, don’t worry! There’re more games waiting for you.



HAHA his expression

The night went on even higher when more and more people came.


With WanTing , Naomi, Emma, Tim, Stephanie  and Charis .

More fun photos!





SOOOOOOOO many people!!!

Saw quite a few celebrities here. And I saw my favourite. Guess who is that?


I look horrible but that doesn’t matter. with Amber Chia, she is gorgeous as always!


The party went on with non-stop music and fun.


I adore this band as they really made the crowd went high and high and HIGH


They are cute too!

Not to forget the pretty babes..


I know they made your day…


wah they are so cute till can die :3

Haha I just can’t help it but to show you all this.


Oktoberfest version of twin tower? LOL


With MD of Carlsberg, Kate, Chammaine, MeiSze ,Michelle and the others as mentioned.

I definitely had a great night with the MHB darlings in Malaysia’s Own Oktoberfest <3

We want Malaysians' to have an authentic taste of the famed Munich beer festival - Oktoberfest right here at home. Join us through late September and October as we celebrate great beer and wonderful friendships. Check out their page to find out the next location !


People, be honest and answer me.

How do I look in this costume?




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  1. look rather cute especially with the hair and all

  2. I thought u were one of them! lol.... cute n lovely though *wink

  3. MAD CHIO AH BABE! I wish I can try it out toooooo D:

  4. Wow! Cute! Where do you get the outfit?

  5. warghh.. U r so cute and adoreable.. ^_^.v.. Wish I can go there and finish all the beer #beeraholic


  6. Lol...don't's adorable...Too bad I missed this event!