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Malaysia’s Own OktoberFest Launch


On 28 September, Carlsberg Malaysia officiated its 'Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest 2011" promotion at Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on 28 September at 7.00pm, in the midst of over 900 beer enthusiasts. The launch is a joint collaboration with Berjaya University College of Hospitality and will showcase Carlsberg Malaysia as a local master brewer, besides offering other imported beers from Germany.

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Trust me, you will definitely won’t want to miss this.


Heard of this famous Oktoberfest for quite some time and always wanted to go to Germany, just to take a look at how awesome the festival is, but now, I don’t need to fly over to Munich, and I still get to join in the fun !


These are the pretty ladies and handsome men in German traditional clothes. AHHH can I try the clothes , please? It looks so cute on the ladies !

I was so happy to see food, a lot a lot of food, a lot a lot of German food! *drooling*


not to forget dessert too. Iris and I were hesitating to take, or not to take. Well, we got the answer at the moment we look at these tempting dessert. TELL ME HOW TO RESIST! *slurp*


The evening was beautiful especially with the presence of the beautiful ladies around. We were greeted warmly when we just entered. They always have their loveliest smile on their face, ready to assist whenever we need. I do thank them for their presence for making the evening wonderful :)


We know that music is a MUST in a party. Am I right? So what’s the music played?

The band of the night was so awesome! They played many country songs. Songs that we can sing along. Truly German band, with all the nice songs whole night long which made us feel so high!



Before we started enjoying the evening, we went to redeem our beer with the coupon. I really never expect the beer to be like this. I thought it will just be the normal 1 pint big. So, are you curious to see now?


*drum rolls*

*drum rolls*

*drum rolls*



I think it is 1 litre. This jug/mug literally made my face became like this O.O

I was thinking, how on earth am I going to finish it by myself ?! But, haha with the music and friends around, it actually happened.

Food  + Beer = Awesome life !
To mark this widely-celebrated festival, Carlsberg Malaysia boasts a month-long extravaganza filled with roaring days of exciting parties, music, authentic gastronomic experiences to whet the appetitie and barrels of Carlsberg, Erdinger Weissbier, Franziskaner Weissbier and Lowenbrau to be downed.

To make the evening even livelier, there were games which made the crowd went crazy!


Do you know what is chicken dance? No? you gotta check out Carlsberg Facebook page to learn! It is so cute u know ! If you meet me next time, I show you how to dance :D Then we shake shake together ok? :D

Did I mention that all of the ladies who were wearing traditional clothes that night had 2 pony tails? so cute right! made me so tempted to tie 2 pony tails, maybe i can become cute too. ahh just joking LOL

There was drinking games too. This game is simple. 2 contestants competing who can finish up the beer faster.

In this round, obviously the white shirt guy won! Hooray! present for him to bring back home! I still need to train few more rounds before I can join this game… RAWR who want to train with me ? Next time I want to win the game RAWRRRRRRR

oh by the way, let me show you something lovely.
See what we got from Carlsberg ! awww love love love
This is the iconic Oktoberfest biscuit- gingerbread heart.

In German, the men give these biscuits to the ladies to hang around their necks as a sort of a show of affection for them. The messages on the biscuits usually read something like 'I love you', 'You are my sweetheart' etc.

I think I will really melt if I receive such present. This is so sweet! Anyone wants to give me one? *wink wink*

Ok back to the game part, at first when the lady/gentleman in the middle passes by me, I was thinking, errrr is a she/he?

haha anyway, can’t deny the fact that he did made the crowd went crazy. Have you ever see people dancing on a dining table? Especially Malaysian?

haha no offense, but me myself as a Malaysian, clearly know that we wouldn’t do something so crazy but fun if nobody took the first move.

But look! what are they doing?


OH YEA DANCING ON THE TABLE!! Everyone just can’t stop shaking their butt along with the music. This Oktoberfest made me realize we can actually party till this extend!


Haha everyone dance together and had lotsa fun. I found scene like this is really memorable.

This is a really different kind of party , compared to the usual clubbing party. You get to chill, get to dance and get to talk to friends while enjoying the beer on your hand. What’s more do you want?

Interesting? Want to know more about it? Stay tune to my blog k? <3

To support this fantastic month-long opportunity presented to you by Carlsberg Malaysia where Oompah is at its best, log on to or visit for more information.

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  1. seems fun but i didnt go for the last sat's one cause no food or drinks would be provided for plus ones.

    btw, don't watch Jet Li's new film. it truly sucks

  2. octoberfest! and you guys looked so pretty :)