Thursday, October 13, 2011

WTS : Aldo Crisler-95 Black

I am letting go this pair of brand new Aldo Black Crisler-95. Size 37. 5 inches.

I wore it for about 10 minutes only.It doesn’t fit me well. The bottom of the heels are still clean leh=.=

But I know that there’s nothing I can do, only to sell it. If not it will end up sleeping at the corner of my room. Such a waste for a pair of beautiful heels like this T.T

The original price is RM350. Selling away at RM170. Fixed price.


As you can see, the shape of the heels is really beautiful. That’s the reason I bought it.



Do let me know if you are interested. I will try my best to provide you clearer photos at parts of the heels that you would like to see or show you the heels. Do not hesitate to contact me k :)

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  1. nice heels! but it's one size smaller for me~

  2. Nice dress =) Oh wait you're talking the shoes? LOL

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  3. if im a girl confirm i'll buy it! hahahaha... provided my size is correct la :P

  4. thanks kian fai!
    hahaha munkey u buy for ur gf la :D