Tuesday, November 15, 2011

喜爱夜蒲 Lan Kwai Fong

I was feeling complicated after watching this movie. It is an old Cantonese movie with Chinese subtitle. But I just get to watch it yesterday.

This movie is so real life, except that the girls and guys in the movie are all super good looking. It just made me wonder, am I going to let my life to be like that ?

drink drank drunk, one night stand, get a rich guy and try your best to get his money , etc etc, all these just show how lonely and realistic are human being.

Need not to say more, watch it, and think about it.


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  1. wa watch on youtube ar > . < ok will watch tonight coz now using broadband lmao

  2. hahas this old movie was so popular back then! even now youngsters love watching :)

  3. ops... just watched the trailer... haven't watch the movie yet...

  4. @kianfai n no idea : must watch !
    fish : nice rite. i likeyyy