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Defensive Driving Course With MHB by Chevrolet : More Safety More Fun !


When I first heard about Defensive Driving Course, my reaction was like omg is that some very powerful training for racer ?!! It sounds very powerful right hahaha

Thanks to Chevrolet Malaysia for organizing this course for MHB, so that I got the chance to learn something new, interesting yet useful.

So, when the powerful Defensive Driving Course + powerful Chevy Cruze


+ awesome female drivers from MHB + experienced trainers…


What will happen ? hehehe scroll down to find out more Open-mouthed smile

To have a clearer view on what is this course about and what we learnt on this defensive driving course, check out the video! I just think I look freaking cool on that day HAHAHA




We first started with theory which taught us many basic theory that people normally neglected. As an example, the sitting position, steering position and etc.

Do you know what is ‘Defensive Driving’ ? It means to drive in a correct way and respond correctly to the circumstances in order to prevent accident to happen.

Lets look at the statistics for road accidents.

Year     Population       Vehicle           Road            Road            Road
                                Registered     Accidents      Casualties     Deaths

2000    23263600    10598804     250429         50200         6035
2001    23795300    11302545     265175         50473         5849
2002    24526500    12068144     279711         49552         5891
2003    25048300    12868934     298653         52741         6286
2004    25580000    13828889     326815         54091         6228
2005    26130000    14816407     328264         47012         6200
2006    26640000    15790732     341252         35425         6287


I think I forgot to introduce the chief instructor of this course : Mr Kenvin Low

He is the Official Instructor for Lotus Car Club(2003-2005) and Chief Instructor for Asia Advanced Driving Academy Sdn Bhd since 2004.


I always can’t understand people who like to risk their lives on a road. Such as speeding, overtaking at places that they shouldn’t. This not only bring harm to yourself, and also the others. Not to forget family who will be sad over the dead one. So, always always always put on your seatbelt not only when you are in driving seat. Starting from 1 January 2012, every passengers in the car including those sitting at the backseats MUST put on seatbelts. Failed to do so will result in a RM300 fine.

Make sure there are airbags in your car also. When accident happened, airbags can reduce the time impact and reduce the force exerted on you. Hence you are safe/ less injured. Head restraints on the top of front, outer seats reduce the potential for whiplash and other neck injuries in rear-end collisions. More advanced systems allow the back of the seat and headrest to move down and back upon a rear impact, lessening the forward motion and cutting down on head and neck injuries.



hahaha look at our faces when the slide show showed all those scary photos in accident.

Learnt about the correct sitting position.


To make the theory session to be more interesting, Mr Kenvin showed us some videos on common error we did. Just like being rude on the road, how accident can occur in such circumstances and etc. One more thing, always leave a gap between cars. If the car in front did an emergency break, you can at least got some gap to stop and won’t crash on it. And I seriously hate cars who stick so near behind my car. It feels like it is going to kiss my car anytime soonmaking me feeling very stress, and tend to drive faster.

Before this, lets take a look at our sedan of the day : The Chevy Cruze

‘Cruze is everything a compact car should be. It gives you more of everything you need and deserve from efficiency to safety, features to styling. Conventional compact wisdom is challenged with one simple word: more.

It's designed to fit seamlessly into your ever-evolving life. Cruze offers more cargo space3, more safety with best-in-class 10 standard air bags4, and more miles per gallon in the Cruze Eco. At 42 MPG5, it's the best highway mileage of any gas engine in America.’ – taken from

I personally think it is a good car. Read about its features and specs here . Well, frankly speaking, I know nothing about cars. If really have to say something about this car, maybe you would like to look at its StabiliTrak® Electronic Stability Control System, 6-speed manual transmission, OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Four-wheel ABS, front disc/rear drum and OnStar® with Directions & Connections®(5) Plan for the first six months. Cruze has it all.

Cruze 1.8LT = RM98,716.40 (without insurance)

Cruze 1.8LT Special Edition = RM116,716.40 (without insurance)


After the theory part, here comes the fun part : the practical ! I learnt something new. I didn’t know the year of manufacture of the tyre can be found on the tyre !


And of course learning about the parts of the car which normally girls don’t really know. Err but now I forgot about it again =.= Engine’s parts is really not my thing la ! Some people (LiYang I am talking about you :p) can love engine so much and this is always a mystery for me cause I will never understand hahaha. In fact, everyone should know and always check your car so that you won’t find your car suddenly on fire because the water inside is finished.

Here are the basics for a car maintenance :
- Read your car owner's manual, it has all the information on car maintenance as well as safety precautions.
- Keep all the fluids (e.g. engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc.) clean and topped up.
- Follow your maintenance schedule, there is a number of things that need to be regularly serviced or replaced at certain intervals (e.g. brakes, air filter, timing belt, spark plugs, etc.)
- Check tire pressure regularly.
- Change you windshield wipers if they don't clean properly.
- Wash and wax your vehicle once in a while to keep the car finish shiny and protected from corrosion.
- Deal with any problems as soon as they arise, before they become more serious and require expensive repairs.
- Use only original parts.
- At least once a year have your car check out in a garage.


Afterthat, is time for us to drive the Chevy Cruze !! The first part is about Slalom - controlling the car using Pull-Push steering. There are cones placed in a straight line with some distance in between, then we are required to drive through it without knocking down any of the cone. This is the first time I am going to drive an auto gear car. I was so nervous and kept thinking what if I destroyed the car then how omg omg omg

The instructor has taught us what to do and how to control, and demo once for us.


The feeling sitting inside the car during this course is awesome yet awful. why?

I feel like drifting but easy to get a bit headache especially sitting at the backseat =.= But this is really a wonderful experience for me.

But don’t you think the interior of the Cruze is sporty yet stylish?


This is the correct way of holding a steering and your hands are supposed to maintain at that position always even when you are turning. I know that most of the people will use one hand and turn the whole steering which seems like so pro wtf hahaha but you should know that it is wrong k. One must maintain a good position, not only hand but also sitting position, so that when accident happened, the injury can be minimized.

When we are  driving, the instructor will sit beside us, taught us and make sure nothing goes wrong. I feel so safe with a instructor beside LOL


The second part is Emergency Braking Accident Avoidance (ABS braking/ collision avoidance). We have to drive with full speed, then suddenly brake all the way. Have to rest the car at the correct place.

On a side note, the Cruze is equipped with 4-wheel disk brakes with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Brake Assist, and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) which helps to stop the car in a shorter distance while allowing the driver to maneuver away from a collision


The last part is the most epic 1. The Skid Control. This is important as you will be able to detect earlier the elements that will cause a skid and able to react quickly and drive safer.  If fail, it will spin 360 degree. Not kidding. The feeling is like omg i m going to die ! One should continue step on the oil paddle and this will make the car continue moving, and at the same time try to adjust the car back to the correct way.

Note: The Cruze’s ‘Electronic Stability Control’ and ‘Traction Control’ were turned OFF to enable the car to skid (so we could learn how to control a skid)


Group picture with the sedan, Chevy Cruze. The Cruze comes in 7 different colour !


I am so proud of myself to finish this course and I had a great day with the girls in KGSAAS.


lovely picture :) happy face after completing the course ! We will get a cert afterwards too :D

Check out the following for more info on

Chevrolet –



Driving need full attention and focus, a little bit of distraction can lead to major damage. New year eve is coming, I bet most of you have plan for it. Remember don’t drive to drink so you won’t drink and drive. Drive safe people ! xoxo




my stoned face as I got not enough sleep. The eyes are red and I look like a panda

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