Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Land , Kulaijaya

This cafe is one of my top favourite eating place. I eat it since quite young. My dad always bring us to here before or after going to grandma’s house.


its business is so good even on weekdays. Always hardly can find a seat. There’s another cafe beside happy land named Mc Cola who has less customers (lol sorry). I still think Happy Land tastes nicer.


I went there on a Saturday before heading to Johor Premium Outlets . Now you know where to eat if you happened to go to Kulaijaya and wanted to have some nice food/dessert. It is about 10-15 min drive from Happy Land to Johor Premium Outlets.

Happy Land is famous of their dessert, their ice kacang with different topping.


This one is my favourite : Chocolate Ice. They put really a lot of melted chocolate on top with some nuts. The other ingredients such as cincau, jagung, red bean n so on are the same like normal ice kacang.

My mum like to order the Ice Kacang Special. The topping is Milo powder. Feel like drinking the Milo Dinosaur :D


And this one is my lil sister’s love. She only ordered this everytime when she comes to here, the Jelly Ice. The taste is sweet and sour with some fruits on top and jelly inside. It is more suitable for people who doesnt like strong flavour such as chocolate.

There are also other choices such as Strawberry Ice, Mango and others. You gotta find it out yourselves :)

1 bowl of ice is around RM4.


Besides dessert, they have some snacks and food too. This rojak is so big rite ! It is only RM4.20.


This is what I ordered everytime also…


The Thai style tofu. I dont know why but it just tastes so good and i am kind of addicted to it. The tofu is very smooth but the outer layer is fried. Then eat with the sweet n spicy Thai sauce… AWWWWWW


This is everyone’s favourite, seriously. Even for me who don’t like meat at all, I gotta say it tastes so good. Especially the skin (the most fattening part fml). The smell of fried chicken just make you want to eat it. I get to take this photo quickly before others start snatching them.. I can feel their aura of asking me to be faster hahaha


And this is the nasi lemak to eat with. What’s important for nasi lemak is always the sambal and the rice. I don’t know how should I describe this.. because it is just way too delicious.

There’re another selling fried kuey tiau here. taste not bad too. The price here is around RM4 per dish.

Read about the directions and address in this page :

I asked the lady boss if she has any namecard or website. She said no, if want direction just say is same road with Tesco Kulaijaya then very easy to find. The shop facing the main road.




The guest today is my lil sis :D

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  1. wow seems like lots of crowd in this Happy Land. hope the desserts make me happier :D


  2. wahhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    my fav ice kacang!!!!T___T
    so far...

  3. Didn't know Kulaijaya is so happening. Well, at least it is not just all about Johor Premium Outlets.

  4. wahh!! the first thing that caught my eyes!!!! the shaved ice with loads of choc and redbean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weee!

  5. nikel: nice rite !
    fish, chowchow,eunice: come to johor !
    yilie: hahaha come back to malaysia faster
    wilson: yupe it is developing:)