Sunday, December 11, 2011

Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) , KulaiJaya

Johor Premium Outlets is definitely one of the hottest destination in Malaysia or even in Asia now.

The FIRST Premium Outlet Center in South East Asia is here, in Kulaijaya, Johor.

I have been wanting to go there since they start opening on 2 December to take a look at this premium outlet. Lets see if I can grab some good priced branded stuff home or not *wink*


TADAAAAAAA! ok this is not a good picture.


sorry, I still don’t have a good picture =.= but this is basically its outlook and view from JPO. Pretty good right?


There are only 2 floor in JPO. I heard someone said ‘Here look like Singapore.’ Kinda unhappy, hello what does it mean. ok just joking, don’t hate me. *puppy eyes*



Most of the shops are opened but there are still some not yet opened such as Bonia.



I can’t believe my eyes. The super long queue in front of Coach!!! O.O


After looking around the place, time to check out the awesome discount here. Please don’t disappoint me… hahaha


I see discount EVERYWHERE.


50% not enough? how about 70%?

I have to say something here. People grab the clothes like it is free like that =.= So ended up looking like this in Padini. I think the shopkeepers there are really speechless or helpless LOL


freaking cheap ! time to go there to shop for Christmas/ CNY !


For designer brand such as Michael Kors, I saw a really nice handbag and it has 40% off its original price !


my favourite La Senza has an outlet here too <3


WHAT? 10 FOR RM50?!

Yes, not joking. *grab*


johor premium outlet

Lists of outlets in JPO. any of your favourite brand here?


Besides various branded outlets, there are a few restaurants available too. If you are looking for a cheaper place to eat, then you should go to the food court in JPO.



The decoration inside is quite nice and comfy.


The price will be a little bit higher than the usual food court but definitely cheaper than the other restaurant in JPO.



Here comes the question, how to get to there?

If you are driving, you might want to GPS it :/


There are road sign along the road but sorry I cant tell you exactly whats the direction.

Johor Premium Outlets
Jalan Premium Outlets
Indahpura 81000 Kulaijaya
Johor Darul Takzim


you can take public bus




Various bus company are starting the new line to this latest hottest destination. You can go to Larkin bus station and you can easily see buses going JPO.



The view from scenery is kinda nice. It was surrounded by palm oil plantation.


One good thing about JPO, it has very big carpark.

Tomorrow 11 December is the Grand Launch of Johor Premium Outlet. Our Prime minister will be there too.



I can see the potential of JPO as becoming the next hot spot in Malaysia. The land around JPO seems like having some construction. Hopefully more awesome stuff to be here ! 

Shopping Hours

Monday –Sunday

10am – 10pm


Lotsa Love,


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  1. Now you have alot of new undies. HAHAHAHA

  2. HAHAHA. at the end i didn't get. left not much choices that time

  3. The food court there is 10 Hutong?

  4. After so long of waiting, finally the Premium Outlet is open on time. I hope to go there one day for shopping! =)

  5. omg.. now who wants to plan a trip there?? I want to go so much!

  6. wow.. Like it very much.. i was pass by there not long ago before the open bussiness

  7. omg so nice! but johor is kinda far to me. come to KL pleaseeee :D

  8. lurveeee this entry.. i've linked this entry to JPO entry.. :)

  9. simon: erm nop
    wilson, isaac, pennie : u 3 can come johor together !
    fish: haha come johor laaa
    miss cloudy: thanks dear :)

  10. Awesome! Now got reason to go Johor after SG =P

  11. Got yer blog after researching on JPO. I am going 2moro by bus and yer information on public transportation very helpful. Thank you

  12. Hello,went to JPO yday by public bus. Walk to Kotaraya Terminal however shuttle service is not avaiable at the moment. Walk back to JBSentral & board on causeway link bus(yellow) and paid 4.50RGT. I like Fossil the most in JPO, as the stuff are not that outdated and damm cheap. I saw the same watch I bought in US for 285RGT,and sold in JPO only for 220RGT.

  13. Do they have LV boutique in there?