Thursday, December 1, 2011

Overtime @ Pavilion

I finally got the chance to step into Overtime although Overtime is everywhere. It is like the first choice for friends when suggesting where to have a drink.

There is this beer which only been sold in Overtime, the Starker beer.


This is kind of a ladies’ drinks as it is not so strong yet smooth. I like it :)



I am glad that I get to meet the Starker Brewer, Timothy O’Rouke who flew all the way from UK to brew the fresh beer in Klang Valley.


He is a friendly and funny guy. We had a great time chatting with him and learnt some new knowledge as well.

There are large barrel and also mini barrel for the beer.


The one I am holding obviously is the mini barrel =.= Normally people will just order one mini barrel and sit there chilling with friends. The waiter will help you to hammer the barrel, but this time, I get to try it !


Actually just hammer it la. hahaha but it feels good. I think we had only 3 barrel that night. NOT ENOUGH! JOM OVERTIME AGAIN!!



I have to say even taking the beer from barrel need some skill ok. skill-less people like me will end up like the picture above =.= #fail

What is the best food to go with beer? All the oily fattening yummy meat :D


And of course, it is better to eat something before you start drinking. This is to protect your stomach and you won’t get drunk so easily :)


Food + Beer = Awesome


I had a nice time chilling with the other bloggers and great meeting the Starker Brewer, Tim O’Rouke. Will definitely come here again! Jom? :)

OverTime Pavilion
Lot C4-02-00, Level 4,
Pavilion Shopping Mall
Kuala Lumpur




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  1. nice! so many picts of yours :) you must have enjoyed there


  2. you look so pretty in all the pic!xD

  3. OMG! The pic almost zao geng!

    Anyways, you look good. I have been to Overtime a few times with my friends. Love the beer there!


  4. xue ren : u mean the barrel ar? haha
    fish: yes i did !
    eunice : aww thanks dear :)
    wilson: haha almost almost :p