Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jade Garden Seafood Corner 翡翠园海鲜酒家

Reunion dinner is always the happiest meal of the year. Not only because get to eat good food , but also is the time to meet the family who seldom get to meet together. It is a tradition which I think should practise not only on new year eve only. I get very happy during CNY every year, when young, CNY means time to play with cousins, for now, is more like meeting up with family and have some good quality time. Not to forget angpau (red packet) also :D So again, Happy CNY! It was the 7th day of CNY yesterday, did you bai ti gong? I heard lotsa lotsa fireworks yesterday night.

Anyway, I’ve discovered this super awesome seafood restaurant in Sungai Lengit, Johor during CNY. Family went to Desaru Lotus Resort to stay for a night, and drove another half an hour to Sungai Rengit, just to have this dinner. They said is a MUST to go.

Here am I to introduce you the Jade Garden Seafood Restaurant 翡翠园海鲜酒家


You definitely need a GPS to go to that place. And don’t go alone cause at night there’s no light on that long quiet road.


Singapore Channel U Yummy King 3 came to this restaurant, and this restaurant has won the champion by voting from the public! There must be a reason for it.

Before you continue scrolling down this post, I have to say sorry for the photos. They are really awful. Can’t take any proper photo of the food. Reason?  THE FOOD IS TOO NICE AND THE PLATE IS EMPTIED IN SECONDS. I don’t even have enough time to take their photos!! #truestory


Since is CNY time, Lou Sang is a must. Unlike the other lou sang in normal restaurants, their lou sang taste very good, except for the green and red colour crispy thing. I hate that one.



The chicken soup that I only get to take picture of that smell bowl of mine D: Taste authentically and taste like home.


I am not exaggerating. This is how it looks like when I just about to take the photo of this plate of tofu about erm maybe 10 seconds after this dish was served. Even their tofu is nice wtf. The skin is crispy but inside is soft and smooth. I feel like taking the whole dish but it was empty before I could do so =.=


The steamed fish. I believe the yellow colour thing beside is pumpkin. The normal steamed fish with soy sauce but it brings out the sweetness and freshness of the fish itself.


The second when the dish was served. LOOK AT THOSE CHOPSTICKS!!!

The best abalone I’ve ever tried. Tender, soft and awesome Thai sauce to go with it. There’s pineapple,onions under the abalone but well, nobody is going to eat them.


I don’t know what is this. Looks a bit like abalone but it is not. It is soft and the taste… normal only. I think is one of the abalone family la.

Ok here comes the highlight of the meal


LOBSTER. *slurpppp*

FAVOURITE DISH OF THE MEAL!! Lets talk about the sauce 1st. According to mum, it was made of salted egg. But somehow I think it tastes like pumpkin because it was sweet. The sauce is thick and covered the whole lobster fully.


How fresh is the lobster? This fresh. Nuff said. I can’t bear to finish my lobster.


Black pepper crab. Homaigawd I tell you, the flesh is freaking nice n solid. Usually I very lazy to use my hands to touch food one, but this time, I can’t wait to eat them ALL. You can smell the black pepper sauce even if it just sit on the table quietly. And the smell lingers on fingers after wash it. The flesh itself taste naturally sweet. ahhh heaven.


Eating those oily dishes sometimes make one sick. So it is best to have a Thailand coconut with you. My sister claimed that this is the best coconut she has ever tried. The coconut juice is fresh and sweet and addictive. Just that the flesh is a bit old so only get to eat some parts.


芋泥 Taro

A TeoChew dessert. in the middle is made from yam and the milky part is something like milk with corn. Very sweet. I think is not bad but my mum who is a Teochew said this is a let down as the yam is not smooth enough.

The whole dinner costs around RM600 per table. I think is very worth it. Get to eat so many nice food and each person is only around RM60. Definitely can’t get the price anywhere in any famous restaurant in city area.

Map to this place : here


54 Jalan Kerisi,
Sungai Rengit,
81620 Pengerang,

Telephone: 07 - 826 5460

Love from Kukup,


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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Complicate Life?


Taken from some Facebook page and I think that this is so true. Don't you?

 I always don't understand people who complicate life. Life is hard enough, why make it even harder? I've learnt, grew up and realized the importance of staying happy. No point crying over someone who didn't cherish me and always made excuses. Boy, you gotta be a man.

Happy CNY :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Dragon Year !

While you are reading this post, I’m probably playing mahjong with cousins or non-stop eating cny cookies :P

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Where’s my angpau?

A very quick one as I am not home. Just to share some CNY photos with you.

In case you are in KL, and looking for a place to hang out, I think you should head to Pavilion. The decoration here is amazing! The big dragon hanging in the air!



And also the United Buddy Bear outside of Pavilion!!! I think this is a must to visit. Lotsa lotsa LOTSA bearssssssssssssssss


All in different colours, design from different country.



Definitely gotta go back there to take photo with every bear( hopefully). hehehe


Will update about my Kukup, Desaru and probably Sg trip after going back. Can see this post is really short right? Hahaha


Happy Chinese New Year! May you and your family have a blessed year ahead :)




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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mille Crepe @ Indulge Cafe

A quick post as CNY is coming, gotta continue to clean up the house and etc #likeamaid. HAPPY CNY PEOPLE!!!  GONG XI FA CAI!

Well, during cny, everyone of course very happy. Get to meet up with friends, go back home to spend time with family and etc. If you don’t want to visit others’ house, where will be a suitable place to have your tea time ?

I think Indulge Cafe is pretty good.

2012-01-14 15.37.41

Went there on a weekend with WengSern. Supposingly for lunch, but looking at the time, it was supposed to be tea time. Haha he said the mille crepe is good so wanted me to try. I love mille crepe since I had it once in Nadeje Cafe in Malacca. Tried once more in Food Foundry in PJ, and still think Malacca one is the best. Didn’t put too much expectation on this cafe but it surprised me.

The place is in Kuchai Business Park. The cafe is located at the right side of the guard house, facing the main road. It was a humble, quiet and clean place which is definitely an ideal place for tea time.

Compared to Food Foundry and also Nadeje Cafe, the mille crepe here is slightly cheaper which ranging from RM 7 to 10. about 8 to 10 choices of mille crepe are available.

2012-01-14 15.39.46

The original flavour. It has the vanilla flavour, tastes freaking good. I think this is a MUST if you are the first time to there, unless you hate vanilla.

2012-01-14 15.39.30

Tiramisu Mille Crepe. Friend didn’t like this one. I think it was quite ok but not so good if compared to the original flavour. This is just because the original one is too good. The coffee part in the mille crepe still keep the coffee taste, not like some other tiramisu mille crepe which totally can’t taste it.

Ordered the grilled salmon and mushroom soup with baguette too. Well, I think you should just stick to the mille crepe only. The grilled salmon has bones inside which I think is unacceptable although it still tastes not bad and the grilled potato is the bomb. The mushroom soup taste like bread, I don’t like it. Perhaps I have ordered the wrong one.

2012-01-14 16.08.52_美图01

Tried MeiTu Xiu Xiu for the first time! Photo taken in Samsung SII, and edited using MeiTu XiuXiu. I think is amazing! haha but I think they dont have the function to heal those red spot in the phone.

Address : Blk A-0-11, Kuchai Business Park ,No.2 ,Jln 1/127 ,Off Jln Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia · Get Directions

Phone : 03-79840866

Website :

Facebook :

* closure for Chinese New Year from 22nd to 25th Jan , business as usual on 26th



2012-01-14 15.41.20

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When You Want Great Pizza, Call A Yellow Cab !

I am sure all of you have the same problem of what to eat almost everyday especially those who are not staying with family, including myself. I don’t like to call delivery because I find them not delicious although is really convenient. Sometimes I rather skip meal just because I can’t think of anything else to eat. It is really unhealthy, don’t do that k?

Talking about delivery, what appears in your mind now? McD, Dominos, PizzaHut? Recently, I went to this place which offered delivery and the food is AWESOME. Gonna recommend this place if you love pizza.

So, where and what is it?


The Yellow Cab Pizza Co. which located at Ampang Point. Called the number 603-42512003 to order your pizza! Once you made your order and your food is prepared, the staff will sit on this yellow bike and send the pizza over !

Despite the fact that I am fat, I really like this photo ! Must wear like a hot sexy biker chic and go back sit on this bike take photo again hehehe


17 different flavour of pizza are waiting for you. You can have the classic one like Hawaiian, or their specialty pizza like Gourmet Garden. There are 3 sizes to choose, 10” , 14” and 18”. Up to 17 choices of extra toppings to choose by just adding a few more ringgit. You can get their full menu in their website :


The pizza took not too long time to be served. I just can’t wait to try it. Heard that it tasted good, and I did have a rather high expectation towards it.


On a side note, erm… do you think I look like this creature below? The teeth part.


Quite alike rite. Time to put back my retainer.


I ordered the 10” Hawaiian pizza. And seriously the portion is SO BIG. It is enough for 2 person. I feel super full and cant even finish the last piece of pizza. But it is really delicious. Some might think is a bit too salty. But it is just nice for me. Love the crust as well. The crust is crispy but chewy


Om nom nom nom look at the cheese nom nom nom. Yellow Cab offered not only pizza, but also spaghetti & meatballs, baked potatoes, pasta and etc. I am so gonna try their meatball next time. Hope it impresses me !

Btw, RM20 minimum order for delivery and RM2 for delivery charge. I think delivery area is limited though. Can always go to the shop to try :)


Menu :


#41 GF Jalan Memanda 9,

Ampang Point Taman Deto Ahmad Razali,

68000 Ampang.

Tel : 603- 4251-2003


So when you really want a Great Pizza, Call a Cab.




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Friday, January 13, 2012

I’m ranting :)

Dear diary,

Its Friday night. Black Friday night. How was your day? I bet you must be angry with me because I have been neglecting you for too long. I had a bad day. And I realize at the end of the day, you are always the one who will accompany me through thick and thin. Forever alone? Well, I do have friends, but how many close true friends? The one who can share my problem, listen to me, and giving me neutral advices. I am glad that I still have some, and truly appreciate their presence throughout my life. Without them, I am not who I am now.

Did I mention I had a bad day? I had only 2 hours sleep because I was so upset. I sobbed in the room when everyone was sleeping. Friends were sleeping. I was so lucky to have beloved cousin R to be with me. He made me feel that I’m not alone. Relatives has been saying we two are just like twins. Probably because of same age, same school, I do love him very much. Although we are now studying in different places, I am so touched that he is always there whenever I feel down and need to talk. He is no longer the little boy that I used to grow up with. He is a big boy now, having doubts in his life and going through toughest time in his life at the moment. I am sorry that I cant make him feel any better. His problems are really hard to handle. What I can do is only lend a listening ear. 

Sometimes, don’t you just upset over what people think of you? People might be asking you not to care, but you knew you can’t do that. I guess is nature not to not care about how people think of you. I reflect myself, tried to improve but things seems didn’t get any better. Not once, not twice, not thrice, but countless times. The best solution for now seems like is to hide feelings and emotions. sigh. What makes me feel even more sad is when people don’t keep their promise anymore. Or am I the only one who still believe in this? Dumb girl. I deserved a big slap for this. Talking to people only made me feel that I was so stupid especially when someone said, ‘Don’t tell me you actually trust people and tell them what you actually feel?’ At this time, I feel like the dumbest brainless girl in the world.

I used to like blogging. So touched and happy when people tell me they read my blog and they like it.It definitely motivated me to spend more time and keep up the blog. Not until friends started talking bad about me. Just got really upset about rumours. If you have question about me, don’t you just come ask me instead of talking bad behind? If it is true, I will never hide. Do you people just enjoying discussing about others that much? Oh I think the answer is yes. I never thought that I can be the topic of a discussion one day wtf. For a bad cause of course. Should I feel honoured now or what? I think I care too much on how people look at me which is unhealthy in a way.

Talked to dearies and found that my personality really got something wrong. My mind set is wrong.I get upset when people ignoring me, when people talking bad about me, when people looking down on me. You realized the problem? My problem came from others around me.  Is natural to feel upset but not too upset. Maybe I should just smile and walk away *flick hair* My day got worse when people I care doesn’t care anymore. Time to let go sweetheart. I have to made up my mind and be firm on my stand. The same thing has been failed for few times. Will I success this time?

It has been ages since I last wrote a wordy entry in this blog. This post is meaningless and just wasted probably 5 minutes of your life. Normally I prefer to write in my own diary. But this time, I just want to take the chance to say that because I was really upset.

People, if you have problem or question with me, please ask me directly instead of talking behind.


Goodnight world :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How’s your new year so far?

New semester has started for nearly 2 weeks and I am all exhausted. It is only the second week !! I had no idea why, probably cause of the long hours in uni.

As a student, I always skip meals and stayed up late which made my skin getting worse and dark eye rings getting more serious. Now I really worry about my dark eye rings as I just realize sleep doesn’t help to reduce my dark eye rings. Anyone has any remedy for it?


And remember, breakfast is very important ! Even if you are in hurry, grab a bun or make yourself a glass of milk will make you feel better the whole day. In case you don’t know, research has been done and found that people who have breakfast will tend to eat less during lunch hour and it definitely help in controlling weight. Remember, starving is NOT the way to reduce weight, it might even make you become even fatter.

Oh hehehe see what I finally got. Do you remember the Native Union Pop Phone I’ve posted few weeks back ?


I finally got my own purple pop phone ! Haven’t open it and try though. I think it is very suitable as a decoration or when talking for hours with my mum or friend. With this, I don’t mind talking hours on phone or skype now :D

Oh yea Chinese New Year is coming ! So have you bought yourself any new year clothes? Or you get something else instead of new year clothes?

For me, I get both :D


Went to Nichii warehouse sales last Thursday in Shamelin Perkasa and amazed by the price of the clothes. Imagine it is even cheaper than in night market ! This is the first time I went to a warehouse sale so I was really shocked at this, and also the crowd. People grabbing the clothes as if they are free, pushing here and there, queuing up long to enter the warehouse sale and to pay also. I basically just take whatever I think is nice. Bought 12 items for mummy, sisters and myself :D

I think going warehouse sale must go with the right partner or friend. Met a friend, Rachel in the warehouse sale, and she said she always went to warehouse sale with her mum. Because mummy always can get the right and best item. I totally agree with that because I think my mum is fantastic in shopping too hahaha.


Then thanks to someone dear, I got my new brush set from MAS. Super happy! Not some branded stuff but the quality is very good ! Love it!


Lovi Dovi Top 7 Brush Set is the combination of 7 most wanted brushes. Their super soft hairs are made of premium quality pony hair, goat hair and nylon. The compact set includes a face/blush brush, foundation brush, big eyeshadow brush, small eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow blender, angled brush and eyebrow brush. details taken from here

Hehehe now can do nice make up :D

You might think that, Wilee where got busy, still can go shopping. But in fact all these things not get by myself D: Only went out for the warehouse sale. Sigh.


Just want to say, spend 1 minute a day to express your love, and you can make your loved one feel happy the whole day. So, why not? A hug, a kiss, a text or a call. I don’t know about you but it does instantly charge me up :)




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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection NYX Launch Party

Still remember my previous post on the new collection by Hennessy and also the launch party?

So I joined the party and continue reading to find out hows the party.


Went to Mid Valley right after my class, changed and did my make up there too. I have to say I look pretty tired and not in a very good condition. But I was quite excited as I get to meet many friends after back in JB for more than 1 month.


Had Thai food for dinner and so full till very not willing to go to the registration booth. It was in the East Atrium.


You won’t miss the roadshow as there’re beautiful ambassadors with wig walking around.


Tadaaa the new bottle


We were given a white glove and required to wear it on the left hand. After registered, we just keep walking straight and we will meet ambassador on the way. They will direct us to the secret location. I’ve to say really walked quite long =.= with heels somemore!

So, where is it?


It is in Vertigo! This is one of the most crowded event I’ve ever attended. Hardly can walk and people everywhere. but bumped into really a lot friends who long time never meet and felt so happy and surprise when I see them, such as Justin ! So super duper happy to see him again but we don’t have much time to talk. Can’t hear clearly also.


This is purely a party. DJ Blink is the DJ of the night. Love the music <3 But I am just too tired to layan the music. Spent most of the time chilling only.



There’re pretty ambassadors walking around with the bottle. I love their make up! The eye shadow is actually fluorescent colour! Where to get this kind of cool eye shadow? (although I am not going to use it in anywhere)


Great night meeting some old friends and of course new friends :) First time met the supermodel Wilson Tan in person, I think he is really nice and humble:) he is super tall also!



Photos credit to Andy Kho! Everyone go like his under maintenance page now ! hahaha :p

Oh and he got Twitter now too. Follow him @Andy_Kho :D




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