Monday, January 9, 2012

Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection NYX Launch Party

Still remember my previous post on the new collection by Hennessy and also the launch party?

So I joined the party and continue reading to find out hows the party.


Went to Mid Valley right after my class, changed and did my make up there too. I have to say I look pretty tired and not in a very good condition. But I was quite excited as I get to meet many friends after back in JB for more than 1 month.


Had Thai food for dinner and so full till very not willing to go to the registration booth. It was in the East Atrium.


You won’t miss the roadshow as there’re beautiful ambassadors with wig walking around.


Tadaaa the new bottle


We were given a white glove and required to wear it on the left hand. After registered, we just keep walking straight and we will meet ambassador on the way. They will direct us to the secret location. I’ve to say really walked quite long =.= with heels somemore!

So, where is it?


It is in Vertigo! This is one of the most crowded event I’ve ever attended. Hardly can walk and people everywhere. but bumped into really a lot friends who long time never meet and felt so happy and surprise when I see them, such as Justin ! So super duper happy to see him again but we don’t have much time to talk. Can’t hear clearly also.


This is purely a party. DJ Blink is the DJ of the night. Love the music <3 But I am just too tired to layan the music. Spent most of the time chilling only.



There’re pretty ambassadors walking around with the bottle. I love their make up! The eye shadow is actually fluorescent colour! Where to get this kind of cool eye shadow? (although I am not going to use it in anywhere)


Great night meeting some old friends and of course new friends :) First time met the supermodel Wilson Tan in person, I think he is really nice and humble:) he is super tall also!



Photos credit to Andy Kho! Everyone go like his under maintenance page now ! hahaha :p

Oh and he got Twitter now too. Follow him @Andy_Kho :D




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