Thursday, January 12, 2012

How’s your new year so far?

New semester has started for nearly 2 weeks and I am all exhausted. It is only the second week !! I had no idea why, probably cause of the long hours in uni.

As a student, I always skip meals and stayed up late which made my skin getting worse and dark eye rings getting more serious. Now I really worry about my dark eye rings as I just realize sleep doesn’t help to reduce my dark eye rings. Anyone has any remedy for it?


And remember, breakfast is very important ! Even if you are in hurry, grab a bun or make yourself a glass of milk will make you feel better the whole day. In case you don’t know, research has been done and found that people who have breakfast will tend to eat less during lunch hour and it definitely help in controlling weight. Remember, starving is NOT the way to reduce weight, it might even make you become even fatter.

Oh hehehe see what I finally got. Do you remember the Native Union Pop Phone I’ve posted few weeks back ?


I finally got my own purple pop phone ! Haven’t open it and try though. I think it is very suitable as a decoration or when talking for hours with my mum or friend. With this, I don’t mind talking hours on phone or skype now :D

Oh yea Chinese New Year is coming ! So have you bought yourself any new year clothes? Or you get something else instead of new year clothes?

For me, I get both :D


Went to Nichii warehouse sales last Thursday in Shamelin Perkasa and amazed by the price of the clothes. Imagine it is even cheaper than in night market ! This is the first time I went to a warehouse sale so I was really shocked at this, and also the crowd. People grabbing the clothes as if they are free, pushing here and there, queuing up long to enter the warehouse sale and to pay also. I basically just take whatever I think is nice. Bought 12 items for mummy, sisters and myself :D

I think going warehouse sale must go with the right partner or friend. Met a friend, Rachel in the warehouse sale, and she said she always went to warehouse sale with her mum. Because mummy always can get the right and best item. I totally agree with that because I think my mum is fantastic in shopping too hahaha.


Then thanks to someone dear, I got my new brush set from MAS. Super happy! Not some branded stuff but the quality is very good ! Love it!


Lovi Dovi Top 7 Brush Set is the combination of 7 most wanted brushes. Their super soft hairs are made of premium quality pony hair, goat hair and nylon. The compact set includes a face/blush brush, foundation brush, big eyeshadow brush, small eyeshadow brush, eyeshadow blender, angled brush and eyebrow brush. details taken from here

Hehehe now can do nice make up :D

You might think that, Wilee where got busy, still can go shopping. But in fact all these things not get by myself D: Only went out for the warehouse sale. Sigh.


Just want to say, spend 1 minute a day to express your love, and you can make your loved one feel happy the whole day. So, why not? A hug, a kiss, a text or a call. I don’t know about you but it does instantly charge me up :)




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  1. i went to the sales too but most of them dont have size XS anymore :( sad to the maxx

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  2. @fish hehehe i went on the 1st day so stil got :D