Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mille Crepe @ Indulge Cafe

A quick post as CNY is coming, gotta continue to clean up the house and etc #likeamaid. HAPPY CNY PEOPLE!!!  GONG XI FA CAI!

Well, during cny, everyone of course very happy. Get to meet up with friends, go back home to spend time with family and etc. If you don’t want to visit others’ house, where will be a suitable place to have your tea time ?

I think Indulge Cafe is pretty good.

2012-01-14 15.37.41

Went there on a weekend with WengSern. Supposingly for lunch, but looking at the time, it was supposed to be tea time. Haha he said the mille crepe is good so wanted me to try. I love mille crepe since I had it once in Nadeje Cafe in Malacca. Tried once more in Food Foundry in PJ, and still think Malacca one is the best. Didn’t put too much expectation on this cafe but it surprised me.

The place is in Kuchai Business Park. The cafe is located at the right side of the guard house, facing the main road. It was a humble, quiet and clean place which is definitely an ideal place for tea time.

Compared to Food Foundry and also Nadeje Cafe, the mille crepe here is slightly cheaper which ranging from RM 7 to 10. about 8 to 10 choices of mille crepe are available.

2012-01-14 15.39.46

The original flavour. It has the vanilla flavour, tastes freaking good. I think this is a MUST if you are the first time to there, unless you hate vanilla.

2012-01-14 15.39.30

Tiramisu Mille Crepe. Friend didn’t like this one. I think it was quite ok but not so good if compared to the original flavour. This is just because the original one is too good. The coffee part in the mille crepe still keep the coffee taste, not like some other tiramisu mille crepe which totally can’t taste it.

Ordered the grilled salmon and mushroom soup with baguette too. Well, I think you should just stick to the mille crepe only. The grilled salmon has bones inside which I think is unacceptable although it still tastes not bad and the grilled potato is the bomb. The mushroom soup taste like bread, I don’t like it. Perhaps I have ordered the wrong one.

2012-01-14 16.08.52_美图01

Tried MeiTu Xiu Xiu for the first time! Photo taken in Samsung SII, and edited using MeiTu XiuXiu. I think is amazing! haha but I think they dont have the function to heal those red spot in the phone.

Address : Blk A-0-11, Kuchai Business Park ,No.2 ,Jln 1/127 ,Off Jln Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia · Get Directions

Phone : 03-79840866

Website :

Facebook :

* closure for Chinese New Year from 22nd to 25th Jan , business as usual on 26th



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  1. Wootz look good. Ya nadeje is d best!

  2. Didn't know kuchai lama got this xD omg must go! Nice post ohh~

  3. LIKE ONE>>> still leave a boxes of mille crepe in my fridge for new year.. wohoo

  4. jackie: ya lo always!
    houhousek: thanks :)
    nikel: eeee jealous!
    kuromeowiie: haha no la. friend's SII. u want sponsor me 1 mah? hahaha
    sherrie: go try :D

  5. Hope you have tried Humble Beginnings Mille Crepe. Voted the BEST by many bloggers.