Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When You Want Great Pizza, Call A Yellow Cab !

I am sure all of you have the same problem of what to eat almost everyday especially those who are not staying with family, including myself. I don’t like to call delivery because I find them not delicious although is really convenient. Sometimes I rather skip meal just because I can’t think of anything else to eat. It is really unhealthy, don’t do that k?

Talking about delivery, what appears in your mind now? McD, Dominos, PizzaHut? Recently, I went to this place which offered delivery and the food is AWESOME. Gonna recommend this place if you love pizza.

So, where and what is it?


The Yellow Cab Pizza Co. which located at Ampang Point. Called the number 603-42512003 to order your pizza! Once you made your order and your food is prepared, the staff will sit on this yellow bike and send the pizza over !

Despite the fact that I am fat, I really like this photo ! Must wear like a hot sexy biker chic and go back sit on this bike take photo again hehehe


17 different flavour of pizza are waiting for you. You can have the classic one like Hawaiian, or their specialty pizza like Gourmet Garden. There are 3 sizes to choose, 10” , 14” and 18”. Up to 17 choices of extra toppings to choose by just adding a few more ringgit. You can get their full menu in their website :


The pizza took not too long time to be served. I just can’t wait to try it. Heard that it tasted good, and I did have a rather high expectation towards it.


On a side note, erm… do you think I look like this creature below? The teeth part.


Quite alike rite. Time to put back my retainer.


I ordered the 10” Hawaiian pizza. And seriously the portion is SO BIG. It is enough for 2 person. I feel super full and cant even finish the last piece of pizza. But it is really delicious. Some might think is a bit too salty. But it is just nice for me. Love the crust as well. The crust is crispy but chewy


Om nom nom nom look at the cheese nom nom nom. Yellow Cab offered not only pizza, but also spaghetti & meatballs, baked potatoes, pasta and etc. I am so gonna try their meatball next time. Hope it impresses me !

Btw, RM20 minimum order for delivery and RM2 for delivery charge. I think delivery area is limited though. Can always go to the shop to try :)


Menu :


#41 GF Jalan Memanda 9,

Ampang Point Taman Deto Ahmad Razali,

68000 Ampang.

Tel : 603- 4251-2003


So when you really want a Great Pizza, Call a Cab.




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  1. that's so thin and crispy! :) wondering why their franchises aren't that many as compared to others

    Latest: Baba and Nyonya Authenticity

  2. would like to try them someday :)

  3. I want a pizza now :x

  4. LOLz!!! Sometimes I feels myself looks like a Stitch too!!

    Btw, I always wanna try yellow cab!! Hehehe.. Pricing seems ok ma!! Good good. XD

  5. nikel: me too !
    fish : ya lo i wonder too!!! WHY D:
    henry: definitely must try :)
    kai: hehehe order!
    bendan: haha i think my teeth looks like stitch leh

  6. good looking pizza n a nice looking gal... :p

  7. a good looking pizza n a nice looking gal... :p