Saturday, January 28, 2012

Why Complicate Life?


Taken from some Facebook page and I think that this is so true. Don't you?

 I always don't understand people who complicate life. Life is hard enough, why make it even harder? I've learnt, grew up and realized the importance of staying happy. No point crying over someone who didn't cherish me and always made excuses. Boy, you gotta be a man.

Happy CNY :)


  1. true enough! too bad we are human that thinks too much!

  2. I agree!!!! Why must we waste time overthinking things? if we miss them, then just call them :)

  3. simply to only remember to keep our lives simple by making those decisions:D

  4. It's true, but sometimes it is not as simple as that. Sometimes even when we explain, the person that's listening may not get it or understand. Unfortunately. :(

  5. Well rather than cry over someone who you think did not cherish you, why don't you give a thought to all the good that someone actually did ? If you actually do like someone else, why don't you just clarify matters with the previous one and then move on ? That way, you would have a clear conscious and a clear head to do whats necessary for the next relationship.