Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The 1st in KL : Paradiso Cine Lounge

When I first saw the name of this lounge, I was thinking, how is it gonna be like? A cinema? A lounge? A Cine Lounge?

Was really glad to go there, and this is another great hang out spot. Totally love the ambience. Curious? Continue to read on :)


Been receiving compliments about this outfit(yes this is the one which I use for blog header) that I at first thought is pretty casual. Hehehe of course feeling very happy. Some friends asked where I got them so here am I to answer your questions.

Top: Nichii pink singlet

Bottom: Cotton On Leggings

Heels: Forever 21 5.5 inch Leopard Prints

Although I look fat in this, but it is really comfy.  Hair colour looks so shitty now. Any suggestion on what colour should I try next?

Eh wait, I am talking about Paradiso right?


Lets take a look at the place. I love the ambience when I first stepped in Paradiso. As the name mentioned, it is a Cinema+ Lounge=Cine Lounge . It is the first Cine Lounge in KL,located at Publika,Solaris Dutamas. You don’t want to miss this cool place. You can have your drinks and food served while you are watching movie. How awesome can it be?


Description taken from Paradiso Facebook Page:

'Let's start the day at "The Breakfast Club" (1985), Take a "Naked Lunch" (1991), and Join "The Dinner Game" (1998).
Paradiso is about Films, with Food, drinks and Friends Backlighting its stage.
Genres: Indies, World Cinema, Documentaries, Shorts.
PS: Crosscutting the films, the team will make sure to leave a space to Live Bands and Creative Arts. '

I am so eager to introduce their cocktail drinks to you! The names are so cool! They are all movie’s names.





Blue Velvet



Pillow Talk



Eyes Wide Shut. Now you see my eyes open wide, later you see my eyes shut after drinking this HAHAHA sorry not funny


Basic Instinct



Midnight kiss. I thought midnight kiss supposed to be sweet but it turned out to be sour.



Dragon tattoo




Sorry if I mixed up some of the drinks’ names k?

How to drink if is without food? Will KO very soon leh.


Fried Soft Shell Crab and squid! Favourite dish of the day.


Erm.. bread topped with tomato and mushroom



Garlic bread and Potato wedges


Lamb and Olive Balls with Tangy Tomato Sauce and a Fresh Zesty Garlic Sauce

Personally not a big fan of meat so… well. Haha but others look like enjoying this dish very much. The sauce is good.


Chicken Wings with Peanut Butter Glaze and BBQ sauce

The one with the peanut butter glaze is really new. I had never heard about something like that. Worth a try.



Crispy Spring Rolls filled with Spinach and Emmental Cheese with a Tomato Concase. The Tomato concase is the bomb. Love it. Think they use fresh tomato to make this so it tastes not like the normal tomato sauce.



Cheese and Beef Bacon stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. This is good.

While we are enjoying the food, special drinks, chit-chatting with friends, the short film has been constantly shown. Sometimes got live band too. I love this place as it will be a great hang out spot.


Location : Lot 28 & 29, Level G3, Block C5, Publika - Solaris Dutamas


Hours : Mon - Sun:10:00 am-2:00 am


Phone : 03-62113344




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