Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Cloud :3

Hey girls, do you do your nail art by yourself? I like to play it around with different colour and design cause it feels really good to see my own nails are nicely painted. Mood will eventually turn better as well. But I always have a problem as I am right-handed, I cant control the brush nicely using left hand. So, it will be fun if you can get your boyfriend / good friends to help you with it. Can spend some time together and I tell you is really have lots of fun !

Last 2 weeks I did this according to the tutorial and this is the result !


A bit messy but I personally think was pretty good for the first time hehehehe

for full tutorial read here :


About 3 days later, Shirley came over to my place and we decided to play with nail polish again. It is always nice to have a close girl friend :3 We can exchange clothes/nail polish/girls’ stuff, shopping together, chat till late night, and and help each other to paint the nails! :D


So these 2 are the one I will be using. Both are belong to Shirley and we just want to try if the result is good cause the Gold one is newly bought. The Sasa cracked nails and Skin Food red nail polish. I am expecting some pretty good result…


But it turned out not that nice ! I love the Skin Food red colour  on me as it makes me feel so fair but the gold Sasa cracked nail polish is not working well!! It doesn’t cracked nicely as you can see above. So my advice is don’t buy from there k ? Shirley bought it cause she thought Sasa’s products should be good and Sasa doesn’t have tester in the shop.

We were thinking if our technique of using it is wrong.. Anyone kind enough to tell me? I thought is just apply it like the normal nail polish then it will automatically cracked later.

Btw, this is so CNY theme right? HAHA


Been away for quite a while. Been busy. Having a tough week. Housemate throwing me out from the house on Wed of a selfish reason but I can’t do anything since I don’t have a contract with them, so I have to look for room, and I am moving into the new room tomorrow. I fell sick now, can’t even attend a test on Wednesday. I hope I can retake the test with the MC.  Tomorrow morning I have another Mid Term test. Afterthat have to move house. This time really sick. My voice is so coarse now, friend even thought they called the wrong number. Room, tests, assignments, class, packing, sick.

I really thank to all of my friends who showed me care, love and offer help when I need it. Appreciate that very much. Without my friends, how am I going to live alone in KL? Love you all this much ! * open arms wide wide* :)

End the post with a super adorable video!




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  1. To apply cracked nail polish, you can only apply it once, no overlapping with another coat. My friends are using from SASA as well but it works fine (:

  2. Ya ! I saw other blogger use also look fine. I apply only one layer. But the nail polish like all stick together 1. is a new one leh T.T

  3. haha happy cloud u are happy girl right now :D

  4. Nice weh. Did you know to get this done outside it does cost quite a lot. Janice's sister is learning this art and making a business out of it

  5. Just wondering will you do it for me too! Nice work there, never can imagine i can do it.


  6. u tis post.i onli like..................
    woh banana a~
    potato o~~~
    ah pitch!

  7. *hugs* So glad you have a great bunch of friends!