Monday, March 12, 2012

Laura’s Lingerie

What came into your mind when you think of ‘Lingerie’ ? Soft romantic colour silky cloth with some sexy lace?

Let me show you Laura Mercier’s Lingerie.


Before that, take a look at what is Laura Mercier : Products+Makeover and Portofino Collection.

Laura’s inspiration for 2012 draws from her background as a fine art painter and focuses on the mood and attitude of women through different art periods. For Spring 2012, she focuses on the soft romantic colours and fabrics of the Victorian Age. Her collection is a modern interpretation of this feminine era, showcasing a palette of colours inspired by Boudoir vintage lingerie: lace, linen, silks, and petticoats.

It is pretty new that using lingerie as a theme in cosmetics. Most of the people thought they have own range of lingerie when they saw the theme


Laura Mercier wants to create a feminine romantic look which has ultra-feminine lips and cheeks are in shades of warm corals and modern peaches while eyes are alluring in neutral browns and taupe greys.


Was glad to be in the grand launch of Laura Mercier’s outlet in Sunway Pyramid. Share with me your moments and experience with Laura Mercier Smile

Have fun in your lingerie Winking smile




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