Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let’s Meet Up After Class at Al-Amar Express!

Hello my love <3


This semester I undergo too much stress that I think I am not handling well. Just done 2 tests today and I didn’t do very well. Made careless mistakes and screwed up the paper. I cried after passed up the paper. Yes, that bad. The fear of losing my scholarship is so huge till I can’t breathe. Everytime when I was studying for test next day, I will definitely cry. I never feel that stressful before. Guess I have to make some mental prepare after screwing up the test. Sigh. Friends has been asking me to relax once in a while but I think I can’t afford to lose any extra time now. 2 more tests next week and having 5 final final papers in 3 days. I don’t know why UCSI so smart to make the exam timetable like that. Looking at the exam timetable is stressful enough. I'm sorry that I have been ranting a lot in blog or Twitter. I need some way to release the anger/stress.

So, last Wednesday Andy brought me to this place which at first I didn’t plan to go. But I was glad to go because I get to meet friends who long time din meet and also my sweethearts <3


The Al-Amar Express is located at the sidewalk of Jalan Bukit Bintang, right in front of main entrance of Fahrenheit 88 shopping mall. Nearby there got Pavilion, Lot 10, Sungei Wang and Berjaya Times Square.  Been noticed it for quite a while but I never enter as I heard that Al-Amar is kinda pricey although the food is great.



Met my lovely girls <3 Great catching up with them !

Al-Amar Express is targeting working people so that they can meet up after work and here comes the name Let’s Meet Up After Work ! But for me since I am a student so I think I should say Let’s Meet Up After Class !


This place is very cosy as it is facing the Jalan Bukit Bintang so you can have some night view. The colour of interior came in a soft soothing shades of cream and beige with wooden floor, not to forget touches of Al-Amar’s signature stamp of red.

Ok let me show you what do they have


Shisha! Do you like it? Many people like it as it has a fruity taste. Al-Amar Express offers many flavour such as apple, lemon, grapes, rose, mint and more. It is RM38. Not a person who are into shisha so I just watched only… But I think Chelsea looking great even when she shisha!


The bartender made this for me awww <3 I requested for something sweet and he made this. I asked him what does it called and he just smile and say he made it on the spot for me so doesn’t have any name. It tastes really good! A lady drink :)


Double shot of something. LOL can’t remember the name. By the way I love the blusher I tried! What do you think? It is from Make Up For Ever.

Besides Shisha,wine and drinks, of course there are some food here.


Desserts such as Tiramise


I dont know what is this but it tastes like cheesecake with strawberry and it is freaking good !


Some proper filling food such Lebanese bread sandwiches, small pastries and burger

not a bread type of person but these food goes very well with wine :)

Price range of food,wines and drinks from RM8 to 28

Shisha is RM38

Check out their website :

Telephone: 03-21413814

Current addiction :

Her songs accompanied me countless sleepless stressful night.




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  1. i like the last photo of u :)

  2. I didn't manage to go as I was traveling in Australia. Probably should go there again.


  3. The red drink is their Strawberry Margarita while the 2nd one is a double shot Mojito! Too bad you didn't try the Arak hahahaha!