Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pretty please?

If you want to see Wilee looking all fat and ugly, you are reading the right post.

Can I ask a favour from you, pretty please?

Recently I joined a video competition called BizVid, organised by my uni, UCSI University. And I need your help to get to the next stage! Please watch the video and click ‘like’ , ok?

Don’t laugh at me. Zzzzz


There are some friends/readers asking me why am I not updating as often as last time. I am really sorry about it T.T My schedule is really full, all cause of my studies. Taking 5 subject, 19 credit hours in a semester is really tough for me.. Have no time for anything else le sigh BUT I can’t wait to finish my final exam! After 13 April I will be FREEEEEEEEEE !! :D

Just to share something with you today.


OMG LOOK AT THIS OK DONT SAY I KNOW IS FREAKING AWESOME!!! Josephine saw this in Adelaide and thought I got some secret valentine over there hahahaha. I want this on my future cool sports car *dream*



Guess I never introduce my new family member : Lala the blue puppy

Reason of the name is it is blue, so I thought of smurf, then thought of the Lalalalalala Sing A Happy Song~ Hence the name Lala. LOL I just cant think of any smarter name fml

A little bit upset recently also cause my hamster ignore me. Dont sayang me anymore :(

I will update soon k ! Gonna attend a cosmetic event tomorrow hehehehe and I cant wait to share with you all!




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  1. hahaha why la call lala? is like.. people call those lala zai. hahha