Sunday, May 13, 2012

I had really no idea what is Cinco De Mayo.

AHHHH just back from JB. Am in KL again. Before I start ranting, HAPPY MUMMY’S DAY! Muax muax muax

Was back to home for a few days before mothers day. And the next time I go home probably is end of July or August as there’s no public holidays in this 2 months :(


Yesterday I went to have Taro Yami with mummy after shopping as the weather was extremely cruel to us. Mummy said she never try this kind of dessert before so brought her there :3 And she likes it ! Btw Taro Yami is one of the many dessert shops just like Snowflakes. It recently become my new love after a friend brought me there Thumbs up 


I just anyhow want to put some photo because I afraid you will forget how I look due to the long MIA wtf


Yes this is another anyhow photo please dont click ‘close’ now HAHAHAH eh btw my friend said this make up made me look older. What do you think? I thought is quite ok leh.

Finally I remember I got something interesting to update fml. That is Cinco De Mayo. *silence*

Sounds pretty atas and reminded me of mayonnaise wtf. No laa it is actually something very interesting. 5 May is a as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride and to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy. It is now celebrated with performances and colourful dances, with good food and beer along with it.


And this is brought to you by Corona Extra, the No.1 Mexican Beer in Las-Carretes, Ampang. My advice to my lovely readers is to read this when you are feeling full. Not advisable during midnight or anytime feeling hungry. Reason? I am actually hungry right now when writing this post and the following photos just made me got even hungrier fml

But I am sorry cause I cant remember any of their name or even their price :( So I dare not to say this is a food review. Just to show you some food photos and maybe u can try look for it when you are in there k.


This is the appetiser which Naomi said she miss this dish really very much. After I tried it, I second that! The sauce is a little bit spicy but goes very well with the bread.


You can wrap them in the bread and make it like popiah


Can put this inside your own ‘popiah’ as well




Inside this is CHILLI!!! but surprisingly it is not spicy.


Rib eye. This is good. Love the sweet sauce.


Corona goes very well with all these food. It soothes the tinge of spiciness. It is quite smooth also.




Ermm the chocolate pie is very sweet and the outer layer is quite hard. Didn’t get to try their tiramisu but others said it was good. Perhaps I should try their Tiramisu next time :p


Played some boardgame and got myself some souvenir although I didn’t win. Who is using iPhone and want the Corona phone cover can just tell me hahah. Photo courtesy of Corona Malaysia

And now I know what is Cinco De Mayo :D

Have a pretty lovely time there. Well is time for dinner. Talk to you all next time alright :)



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